Large-format packaging and displays


Packaging and displays in large-format are best purchased from THIMM: Find out here about large-format packaging and displays. We can also print these in flexo or digital printing according to your requirements.

Do your products require large-format packaging and displays at the point of sale? That's no problem, because we have the right solution for you! Large-format packaging can be manufactured in formats up  to 1200 x 1000 x 800 mm and large-format displays in sizes up to 1200 x 1000 mm. Are you familiar with the advantages of digital printing when combined with the production of large-format packaging and displays? Our production options ensure you can achieve shorter lead times – meaning you are faster to market with your products. With consecutive codes you can track your products and analyse your sales flows and consumer behaviour. You save costs as no printing plates are required whilst also protecting the environment thanks to the on-demand production. Digital printing is ideal for small to medium print runs. Digital printing is also ideally suited if you want to create a design with different print images for a promotion or for seasonal campaigns requiring large-format packaging and displays.

The use of flexo pre-print is particularly recommended for large volumes. When printing high volumes there is a good throughput time for the production of large-format packaging and displays which speeds up the process and further processing. Certain special colours (gold and silver) and varnishes (high-gloss and matt varnish) can also be printed in the flexo printing system. Furthermore, large-format packaging and displays can be produced cost-effectively and quickly in both printing processes by avoiding format-related gluing processes. Depending on the format and print run size, we will find the perfect printing process for you.

Customisable, flexible, time and cost saving – this is how large-format packaging and displays work!

Large-format packaging

Large-format packaging can be used in all sectors – from toys, food, electrical & electrical engineering, furniture & wood to leisure, garden & DIY. Whether as shipping or sales packaging for televisions or lawnmowers, we develop and produce the best large-format packaging for your products. We manufacture large-format packaging in sizes up to 1200 x 1000 x 800 mm. The printing of your large-format packaging can be customised on our state-of-the-art printing machines specifically according to your requirements. With large-format packaging, you have plenty of space for your print image. The print image enables you to showcase your brand in the best possible way and provide your customers with further information. Large-format packaging can be designed in such a way that it can also be used for shipping the products from your online shop. 

Large-format displays

How do you present your product at the point of sale? We can develop and produce large-format displays for you which attract the maximum attention from your end-customers and thus increase your sales. The large-format display can be developed as a single unit up to a format of 1200 x 800 mm for your products. It can be designed to display merchandise or as a self-supporting stucture. We can produce all types of displays in large formats for you such as pallet displays, pallet containers and decorative elements . As we already have some standard solutions no new tools have to be built and no costs are incurred. Printing large-format displays in digital printing and choosing one of our standard solutions saves you money.

Pallet container for detergents from Unilever

Large-format displays as pallet containers position your products perfectly at the point of sale. They stimulate purchases with your end customer and thus arouse emotions. For Unilever, we have developed and produced this pallet container for detergents, amongst other products, and delivered it for Europe-wide use.

The eye-catching print image perfectly represents the detergent and increases consumers' incentives to buy. The pallet container is printed using digital printing and then die-cut and glued on one of our further processing machines. No printing plates are required for digital printing which reduces up-front costs and lead times. This makes digital printing particularly well suited for promotional campaigns.

The large-format display has an integrated top sign on each of the long and wide sides. This can easily be separated from the pallet container using the existing perforations. After use and placement at the point of sale a decision is made on a case-by-case basis as to which top sign has the best impact. Once the top sign has been removed, further height perforations can be removed to enable deeper access into the pallet container. The top sign is attached to the large-format display which also showcases the product from a further distance away.

The pallet container can be placed anywhere at the point of sale and is therefore very adaptable to the on-site conditions in individual stores. This generates higher levels of impulse purchases and a big increase in brand awareness.



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Large-format printing using the digital printing process

Large-format packaging and displays can be printed digitally. Digital printing is ideally suited for your high-quality large-format packaging and displays. The resolution of digital printing of 1,200 dpi is comparable to offset printing and thus creates an excellent look. The maximum paper width of large-format prints is 2,800 mm in continuous printing. Large-format printing does not require printing forms or printing plates, which reduces set-up times. Digital printing is suitable for all print run sizes. Your printing on a large-format packaging or display can be personalised and is produced in the CMYK colour space. Large-format packaging and point-of-sale displays when combined digital printing offer you many great advantages. 


The special features of large-format packaging and displays in digital printing

  • We give you peace of mind: Do you want to protect your brand against counterfeiting, imitation and misuse? The digital web press uses customisation and serialisation techniques to integrate innovative security solutions directly into the print image. Each individual print image can be furnished with customised and concealed security features without disturbing the visual look or quality of the print image. You can therefore track and trace your large-format packaging and displays throughout the supply chain thanks to the invisibly printed and individual serial numbers. Through these customised serial numbers and link technologies you can make your product counterfeit-proof. Consecutive codes lead to process optimization in your production and packaging area. 
  • Your product is quickly available on the market: If you have your large-format packaging and displays produced in digital printing, you can enter the market faster. No printing plates are required Through the direct further processing via the corrugated cardboard plant and the processing machines alongside our digital workflow, you can ensure your product reaches retail outlets faster than ever before. With just-in-time delivery, we do not have to produce the large-format packaging and displays for stock. This means you have less of those left-over inventories that are often created due to overproduction and therefore less waste and also less needs to be destroyed.
  • Fast response times when changing your packaging: If you require last minute changes before the production of your order, we can respond quickly. Thanks to the short production lead times we are able to incorporate your changes in the print image at short notice to ensure  you receive the perfect large-format packaging and displays. 
  • Your cost benefits of digital printing: You do not need printing plates for the production of large-format packaging and displays. You save these costs compared to other printing methods. Even if you only need your large-format packaging or display for one promotion or for small print runs, you have low implementation costs, which is a significant cost advantage for you. Large-format packaging and displays can be produced cost-effectively and quickly in digital printing by avoiding format-related gluing processes.
  • Your product and brand will be presented uniquely: The large-format packaging and displays present your product and your brand uniquely and digitally. Thanks to the water-based CMYK colours, your print image can look unique and is produced sustainably.

More information on large-format printing in digital printing can be found here.

Large-format printing in flexo preprint

Large-format packaging and displays can also be produced on our flexo printing machines using the so-called belt process. This is a direct printing process in which flexible printing forms are printed on liners without a washboard effect. This avoids the washboard effect and achieves a better colour reproduction. Flexo-printed large-format prints also have excellent print quality. Flexo pre-printing is therefore an alternative to offset printing, as comparatively high paper grammages must be used for offset printing. In addition, in offset printing, large-format packaging and displays often have to be printed and produced in several individual parts. Belt technology can support printing lengths up to 4570 mm and printing widths up to 2500 mm. Large-format packaging and displays in flexo pre-print can be produced extremely cost-effectively with high print runs.

More information on wide format printing in flexo pre-print can be found here.