Goods shipment


We’re on the go for you: Thanks to our Europe-wide network, we at the THIMM Group can offer you systematic support and logistics. With locations in five countries, along with additional storage sites and local sales consultancy, we are truly international full-service packaging system suppliers.

Ensuring sustainable, efficient logistics requires that a number of factors come together:
Some of your products are packaged into primary packaging, allowing effective product presentation in retail environments. Secondary packaging is placed directly into pallets. It is important to aim for optimum pallet utilisation, in order to minimise transport damage and ensure cost-optimised transport. Did you know that your logistics processes may have a great deal of optimisation potential? Don't give extra money to suppliers or waste it on unnecessarily blocked storage space.

THIMM can comprehensively optimise your shipment volumes and upstream/downstream logistics processes, and thus generate cost savings for you. We plan single-article or mixed loading units, for example, using multi-stage packaging simulations involving everything from the transport medium to the product itself. THIMM analyses packing arrangements for different objectives, and uses this analysis to determine optimum dimensioning for your products and packaging. New packaging specifications and guides help you provide your freight forwarders with adequate instructions.

Mail order shipping - field tests

100 online orders to 35 top online shops, for one of twelve products in high-revenue sectors: those are the parameters for our mail order field tests. This sales channel is growing rapidly, resulting in increasing packaging and shipment volumes. What does this mean for online retailers and end customers?

The analysis was performed comprehensively, incorporating all packaging and logistics areas, because there are almost always inter-dependencies among these areas. One subanalysis also looked at, for example, the degree of shipping volume utilisation— meaning what percentage of the packaging is taken up by the actual product. Analysis of the field test results yielded a number of striking statistics: packaging contained up to 97% air; stock items had delivery times of up to 24 days, with shipping costs ranging from zero to nearly €35; and 438 e-mails were sent in relation to order processing.
Detailed information on our field test results is available in our free brochure.