Our development centres throughout Europe create new added-value solutions every single day. Whether you need new custom developments, packaging optimisation or standard industry solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We focus on your products!

Our team of over 100 developers, packaging engineers and designers is passionate about finding new solutions just for you, using cutting-edge CAD technology. We network solutions within our development team, and our product databases are networked throughout our various locations.  No wonder that, when we and our partners collaborate, the resulting solutions are often award-winning - we’ve received everything from the Goldene Welle to the if DESIGN AWARD to the WorldStar Packaging Award.
All of our business divisions offer outstanding solutions, including ideas specifically developed for your industry: everything from structural and graphical packaging and display design services for individual products or entire product ranges, to packaging testing and specifications development, to comprehensive  engineering services for your packaging management needs.

From ideas to production-ready designs

So you need a packaging solution that will allow you to transport your products safely, and now an idea has been developed. What steps will that idea need to pass through before it is finally ready for use in series production?

  • Briefing
    We start by analysing the situation and working in close cooperation with the customer in order to identify all of that customer’s packaging and logistics-related needs.
  • Packaging design
    After that, we use state-of-the-art digital technology to draft a target cost-oriented packaging solution that fits the customer’s requirements. The newly-created design may involve one packaging material or several. When developing pallet containers or using foams, we also perform structural engineering calculations.
  • Packaging optimisation
    After developing a potential design, we focus on accounting for other relevant considerations, such as (for example) pallet optimisation, container and truck utilisation, and other considerations based on industry knowledge and experience.
  • Packaging testing
    Once all of these aspects have been incorporated into the packaging design, we create a prototype. This prototype is then tested by either our own laboratories or independent testing institutes, in order to ensure that it fulfils static and dynamic requirements.
  • Packaging realisation
    Once the packaging has successfully passed this battery of tests, it goes directly to the customer for field testing. These include packaging tests to check packaging handling under real-world conditions, as well as shipping tests (with the customer’s product already packaged into the solution) to assess whether the design provides adequate transport protection.

These field tests are followed by small-batch series production and packaging instructions development. Once all of these process steps have been completed successfully, and no further changes to the packaging design are necessary, the idea is ready for series production.