Packing Services


As a packaging manufacturer and contract packer, we can take on your packing services by offering you complete packaging know-how from our development service through to continuous packaging optimisation. We customise our packing services to you and your products.

As a first step we work with you to analyse the packaging need and the properties of your products. Then attuned to the subsequent packing service process, our developers design a new, innovative and high-quality packaging solution tailor-made to your product.

Our “one-stop shop” packaging services not only optimise product packaging, we also use our technical and organisational know-how to ensure that they are perfectly attuned to the packaging process itself. By outsourcing your packing services you can make other efficient uses of your warehouse space. You can also reduce your storage and transportation costs by using our packing services.

We offer THIMM packing services both in individual modules and also as a comprehensive service depending on what our customers ask us for.


We also design our packaging services to meet your individual requirements profiles and these could be:

Packing services in the automotive sector

THIMM has taken on the production and procurement of components for non-returnable packaging for an automotive industry supplier. Thimm also assembled the sheet metal parts delivered in returnable containers and to be shipped in these non-returnable containers. For the packing services the sheet metal parts were delivered in steel returnable containers to the THIMM Nordhausen site. The staff repacked the parts in the newly produced THIMM non-returnable packaging. This not only reduced logistics and transport costs but also meant that the customer's warehouse surfaces could be used for something else.

This packing service is performed on an ongoing basis. The goods are provided or delivered on time for collection. All emptied returnable containers are processed by THIMM and then returned to the customer.

Packing services in the mail order sector

THIMM undertook the packing services for the annual campaign of the flower retailer Blume 2000. These included both the packing and the shipping of Mother’s Day gifts. In the online shop customers could also order pralines and sparkling wine to accompany the flower orders. Blume 2000 delivered all the products to THIMM Packaging Systems. The packing services were processed through the connection to the ordering system at Blume 2000 which meant that as soon as an order was received, the goods were assembled in the packages developed by THIMM. The outsourcing of the packing services enabled Blume 2000 to use the warehouse surfaces for another purpose and manage peaks in demand with flexibility.

Read our detailed press release about our Packing Service for Blume 2000.