Packaging Design


Your packaging design can become a crucial success factor since most purchase decisions in retail outlets are made spontaneously. Therefore your packaging must work for you which is why the linking of design and its construction is essential! This is our core service.

The interplay of packaging design and construction

To link packaging design with packaging construction in the best possible way, you need experts in both areas. THIMM offers you both. This means that you will never experience interface problems between a design agency and a packaging supplier. Our packaging engineers consider the subsequent graphic design in the early packaging design phase. Both are attuned to each other. What good is perfect artwork if it is printed on poor packaging - or vice versa? In addition to more than 20 years’ experience in packaging development, our employees have a wide technical know-how which is reflected in our packaging constructions and graphic design – clearly and unequivocally. We design primary, secondary and tertiary packaging and are neutral in the materials we use. Would you like to see a prototype as well as digital design solutions? An individual packaging sample is also standard for us.

  • The perfect interlinking of design and packaging
  • No coordination needed between advertising agency and packaging manufacturers
  • Unsurpassed technical know-how of our employees

Packaging design as an important brand medium

Use your packaging design as an effective brand medium. It is a convincing and cost-effective marketing tool at the point-of-sale. Purchasers associate packaging appearance, haptics and handling directly with your product. Therefore your brand communications have to create a perfect overall image.

We analyse your current image and undertake store checks in retail stores. All the results are incorporated into the new packaging design and strengthen your brand value. If necessary, we involve partners who are specialists in brand communication or product photography. Only a well thought-out packaging design promotes purchasing decisions at the POS.

  • Use packaging as an effective brand ambassador
  • Consider design analyses in the market and online
  • Influence purchasing decisions