Medicine & Pharmaceuticals


Your products are essential for the health and quality of life of human beings. A high level of quality and hygiene should be reflected in your packaging solutions in order to complete the overall picture from the consumers’ perspective.

Medical devices and practice facilities packed securely

As a manufacturer of medical products and an equipment supplier to hospitals and laboratories, you manufacture your products to a very high technical level. Therefore it goes without saying that packaging must provide maximum transportation protection. Foam plastics are mainly used to protect sensitive devices from scratches, vibrations and external Impacts.

Promotional placement of drugs and healthcare supplies

Pharmaceutical products must be skilfully presented in pharmacies so they generate the desired awareness on the sales floor. Counter displays and decorative elements are often used here. These enable you to present your products and your brand effectively at the POS and increase sales through impulse purchases. Optimise your processes and costs with comprehensive display concepts.
Health and toiletry products compete in retail outlets with Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We recommend you use shelf-ready packaging for them which enables you to quickly position your products on the retail shelf and generate high-impact awareness. SRP packaging can also be transported safely.
Find out about the different packaging solutions for the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors:

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