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Packaging for products from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors must generally comply with higher quality, safety and hygiene standards. This is why at THIMM we use a range of materials to deliver your product safely from A to B. We also support you in your packaging and display optimisations through our wide-ranging sector expertise. Functionally-designed displays, in particular in pharmacies and health food shops, ensure higher awareness and additional impulse purchases. Transportation and presentation from a single source.

Packaging for medical & pharmaceutical products

As a manufacturer of medical products and an equipment supplier to hospitals and laboratories, you manufacture your products to a very high technical level. Therefore it is essential that your packaging provides maximum transportation protection. This not only applies to road-based transportation but also to airfreight and maritime shipments. And in these environments in particular environmental influences have an impact on packaging. In order to protect your high-quality products, at THIMM we use a wide range of foam plastics and other materials such as moulded pulp. Depending on the intended use and means of transportation these offer protection from scratches, external environmental influences and vibrations. Therefore packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products is developed and constructed to meet the highest possible standards.  Inspection procedures and tests prior to delivery are effective additions to the supply chain.

Transportation packaging for medical products

Sensitive products need the highest possible transport protection. And in this regard a careful selection of materials is essential. For transportation packaging in the medicine & pharmaceuticals sector, multi-material solutions in which the outer packaging is made from corrugated cardboard and the interior from padding made from foam plastic are ideal.

Hospitals and dental practices mainly use rollable medical devices. Ramps are used to help transport these safely to their point of use. And the fact that they are manufactured from strong corrugated cardboard or wood, makes packing and unpacking easier. Polyethylene padding (PE) provides the necessary distance between the device and the corrugated cardboard. Fluted corrugated cardboard pre-cut pieces create extra space for additional items. Previously the heavy medical devices weighing up to 160 kilograms were shipped in big wooden crates which contained 14 PE pads to protect the goods. Thanks to the new design the dimensions of medical technology packaging have also been reduced. The environment is also protected through deliveries of medical technology packaging, as the boxes and padding are flat-packed and take up less space in the HGV than the wooden crates. The lower volume and the 20 kilogram reduction in weight of the medical technology packaging have a positive impact on transportation costs, in particular on high air freight costs.

Innovative packaging consultancy and optimisation for the medicine & pharmaceuticals sector

Packaging consultancy and optimisation plays a particularly important role for packaging and displays for the medicine & pharmaceuticals sector. This not only saves on material costs but also minimises any environmental impact.

Greiner Bio-One International GmbH and the consultancy experts from THIMM, conducted a thorough potential analysis of its packaging which led to an effective reduction of the different packaging varieties utilised. In addition to pure packaging analysis, the experts also looked at the internal goods transportation function. And a potential for reducing process costs for medical and pharmaceutical product packaging was also determined here.

In addition to the optimisation potential for medicine & pharmaceuticals, potential savings in materials and processes can also be made in display projects. An exciting project example in the medicine & pharmaceuticals sector is the optimisation of a display concept for Dr. C. SOLDAN® GmbH. Previously a wide range of displays with different component parts were used to present the product diversity of the well-known sweet brand Em-eukal. High handling costs, extensive storage space and logistics costs were the reason for undertaking a thorough analysis in order to further increase material efficiency. The result: A modular display concept which was simplified thanks to the low number of components and standardisation in the ordering process.

Individual protection and optimum transportation safety through selected multi-materials

A wide range of materials can be used in combination with corrugated cardboard. From foam plastics and hollow chamber profiles through to wood and moulded pulp, a very wide range of material combinations for packaging for medicine & pharmaceutical products is possible. Customised to the specific medical or pharmaceutical product, the appropriate material is planned into the packaging development from an early stage. The means of transportation also plays an important role. Therefore packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products must meet other requirements for maritime and air transportation than for transportation via HGV. External influences such as temperature fluctuations and moisture, protection from scratches and dirt as well as measures to counteract vibrations are taken into account in the early packaging phase.
In conjunction with packaging consultancy and optimisation at the start of the project, efficient savings in both packaging materials and costs can be achieved.

A wide range of multi-materials such as foam plastic, wood or heavy-duty corrugated cardboard can also be used.

Lock your packaging to secure against manipulation and for more product security

Medicaments and medical products are subject to strict controls throughout the manufacturing process. Packaging and shipping are also subject to specific guidelines which serve to protect the initial opening and protect against manipulations. Medicaments requiring prescriptions along with some over-the counter (OTC) products must be specifically protected. With the locks made from corrugated cardboard you are securing your secondary packaging from unauthorised opening and giving your customers the security that they will receive unused original goods.

Are you looking for locking systems made from corrugated cardboard to protect your products? Then find out about our possibilities and please contact us! 

Using sales promotional displays for the medicine & pharmaceuticals sectors

Displays for the medicine & pharmaceutical sectors use impulse purchases and new highlights at the point-of-sale. In the sales area in pharmacies and health food shops in particular, a wide range of promotional displays can be found. Awareness-raising shop window decorations, holistic display concepts or sales-promoting counter displays in the till area provide extensive support to the product marketing of medical & pharmaceutical products on-site.

Health and well-being with a counter display for Globulis

Prescription-free and OTC (over the counter) medicaments are available for sale in pharmacies. And specifically in certain seasonal sickness waves such as spring-time pollen allergies or the autumn colds period, products can be highlighted more clearly through different display concepts. Together with the corresponding shop window decorations the stage for impulse purchases is already set in front of the actual sales location.
THIMM has developed a very special counter display for the deutsche Homöopathie Union GmbH from Karlsruhe. The sustainable alternative display made from corrugated cardboard replaced its predecessor made from plastic and acrylic. The typical bottle shape from DHU-Globuli generates a high recall value with customers. The structure ensures that only the sale staff can access the products. It is not possible for the customer to remove a product and this is avoided by window film. The display is printed on both the inside and the outside, filled with goods and then sent in a small shipping unit to pharmacies.

POS package for medical and pharmaceuticals

For the company Hahnemühle FineArt THIMM has developed a digitally-printed all-in-one solution for disposable mouth and nose coverings. The POS package consists of a dispenser pack from which the mouth and nose protection can be removed through a tear perforation and a secondary placement in which the relevant packaging can be hung. 

The disposable mouth and nose protection reduces the risk of infection through so-called droplets. These droplets are spread around the immediate environment through speaking, coughing and sneezing. The disposable mouth and nose coverings from Hahnemühle reduce the risk of infection through the use of high-quality filter papers and pose no risk due to direct skin contact. They can also be used everywhere such as on public transport, in supermarkets, waiting rooms or in public authority establishments.

Read more about Hahnemühle and the mouth and nose protection on our product page.

Do you also have products from the medicine and pharmaceutical sectors that require specific and customised transportation protection? Then THIMM is the right partner for you. Thanks to our many years of sector expertise in packaging and displays from the medicine & pharmaceutical sectors, we support you from the consultancy, optimisation and development through to the printing, production and assembly.

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