Mail Order & Logistics


Online retailing is experiencing continuous market growth. The circulation velocity of shipping packages is increasing and they also undergo a complex process starting with the packing of the goods through to delivery to the end-customer. This means that the different interest groups and their requirements must be considered when it comes to packaging. The skill here is to combine all these together in the best way possible.

Shipping packaging as a brand ambassador

We offer online retailers a broad product portfolio including shipping packaging that you can use as ideal advertising media for specific marketing messages and promotions. By using our shipping packaging with its innovative turning function, you have the option of using it for a second time, for example as gift wrapping which extends its product lifecycle. As we are not only concerned with the external aspects of the packaging, but also with its content, in our packaging developments we ensure that any volume capacity in shipping packaging is maximised so as to avoid empty space. Here we use as little filling material as possible and a low foreign substance ratio to make disposal easier.
So that your products arrive intact at the customer, we guarantee you stable and secure shipping packaging made from optimum material and flute combinations.
As shipping packaging also has to comply with the requirement for visual protection and anti-theft protection, we recommend various locking techniques, such as a seal lock with extra integrated product fixing.


Professional packaging design – first impressions Count

As customers correlate packaging quality to product quality, we specifically focus on high-quality printed packaging through which we transform your brand into a real eye-catcher on the retail shelves. With ThimmColor® digital we can provide you with a modern printing process which guarantees you a professional packaging design. Individual print images as well as customisations enable creative and appealing communications which will inspire upon the first contact with your product.


Safe transport packaging as an information medium

Whether for overseas shipments, heavy goods, sensitive or fragile products or hazardous goods – transportation packaging must be able to withstand the stresses of the entire logistics chain and permanently ensure sufficient stability and comprehensive protection. The safety of your products is our highest priority.
Through our packaging solutions and appropriate combinations of different materials we can guarantee you a smooth logistics process. We further optimise the transportation of your products with an integrated partition which fixes the products in place and provides additional protection within the packaging.
Throughout the supply chain there is huge potential for operating sustainably – and THIMM maximises this. The raw papers used originate from sustainable forestry and are mainly FSC®-certified to enable an environmentally-friendly return flow into the raw materials cycle. Through an optimum capacity utilisation of packaging volumes without empty space we generate CO2-savings in the warehouse and in logistics. Find out about packaging solutions for mail order and logistics:

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