Leisure, Garden & DIY


Products related to leisure, garden and DIY devices are generally heavy, bulky goods. For easy and pleasant handling your products deserve the best possible packaging with guaranteed transport protection.

Clear and secure packaging for your products

As a manufacturer of garden and DIY equipment you need packaging that must meet the highest packaging and transport safety requirements. Using our cross-industry experience we can develop optimum packaging for you that meets your requirements and also offers added value.
Take advantage of our wide expertise and maximise the potential of your packaging in the market. To position your products in an appealing way at the point of sale, we offer you high-quality packaging printing which will set the stage effectively for your product in the retail market.  We can meet your customised packaging requirements – and also any special designs. A particular show-stopper is our special promotional packaging that we can design and create individually for your product.
Find out about the different packaging solutions for the leisure, garden and DIY sector:

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