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Packaging and displays for the "leisure, garden & DIY" industry are extremely diverse. With a view to the product diversity in toy stores, DIY markets and garden centres, one can already recognise the enormous packaging and display portfolio. From small articles like lamps, tools and deco items to large articles like garden furniture, garden devices, ceramic items and toys, we offer the best solution. Packaging offers your products not only optimal protection, but are also ideal as communication and advertising surfaces. In combination with corresponding display solutions and decoration elements, you also place your products on shelves, cashier or entrance areas, thus increasing product sales.
THIMM is familiar with the requirements of the "leisure, garden & DIY" sector and develops the best solution for your product, adapted to the product specifications.

Packaging and displays for books

The number of orders for books in the Internet has been increasing continually for years, whether non-fiction books, bestsellers, novels or children's books. Consequently, the requirements for shipping and logistics have also increased. The corresponding shipping and transport packaging ensures that the books arrive undamaged at the customer.
However, the requirements are not only increasing in e-commerce, but also in retail. In order to convince customers of the advantages of local bookshops, retail places books with the help of special display solutions and decoration elements. THIMM offers you the best solution for the packaging and display of products.

Packaging solutions for books

Bookworms know it. Advance sale of the new bestseller is starting and anticipation of the delivery is growing. All the more disappointing when the book doesn't arrive undamaged. THIMM offers the best solution for shipping and gift packaging for books. The books are ideally protected during shipping by optimal packaging concepts and with individual printing upon request. Integrated locking technologies for packaging also provide protection against theft. One special locking technology is the anti-tampering lock from THIMM. This ensures product protection from unauthorised opening along the entire delivery chain. Packaging with an integrated carry handle also offers another added value when shipping. Comfort and simplicity for supplier and customer.

Our customer example of the innovative crafts book sets from SEITENBUNT shows that packaging is more than just a brown shell. Together with THIMM, the startup company developed sustainable product packaging with an integrated crafts book, a large number of stickers, as well as pencil crayons for creative little ones. The different themes of the crafts sets are easily recognisable due to the individual printed images and colours. A result of high quality digital printing from THIMM. Thanks to an intelligent locking technology, the packaging can be closed again after opening with the help of an integrated insert flap.

Reading stand display for books

Displays that reflect the theme in their form and communication are ideal for the presentation and marketing of special books or suited to the product launch. One example of this is the reading stand display for books of the publishing group Bastei Lübbe. THIMM developed and designed the display in the form of a reading stand. The book is thereby optimally presented and makes it possible for the customer to have a look. The topper attracts additional attention with an attractive design. Thanks to the internal shelves, the book can be removed directly.

Toys of corrugated cardboard

Video gaming meets corrugated cardboard The unique feature of Nintendo Labo is the combination of the Nintendo Switch console with modular assembly sets of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard in this way becomes interactive gaming elements that must function down to the smallest detail in order to ensure maximum gaming fun. Users can build, for example, a robot, a piano, a hinge or an airplane of pre-cut corrugated cardboard sheets. Read about it in our press release.

Packaging and displays for flowers and accessories

Our "THIMM Surprise" packaging is ideal for the online shipping of flowers and high quality accessories: the packaging of corrugated cardboard is equipped with product fixation and thus offers optimal transport protection of the flowers. Thanks to secure corner stops, the packaging is exceptionally well-suited for the shipping of parcels. Two grip holes on the sides enable easy opening. The packaging can be printed inside and out.
THIMM developed a permanent display for the presentation of floral articles in the retail trade that can withstand the conditions in DIY markets and garden centres with regard to high air humidity. Consisting of metal and plastic, the permanent display is suitable for long term and recurring marketing actions. The display base serves as a small storage space and thus makes refilling on location easier.

THIMM is the manaufacturer of packaging and displays, and also offers co-packing as a full service: For a campaign of the florist Blume 2000, THIMM assumed responsibility for the packaging and shipment of flower orders from the online shop. Read our press release on the subject of co-packing.

Packaging for sinks, shower tubs, toilets and co.

Ceramics, granite and stainless steel for the bathroom and kitchen require packaging that protects against defects during transport and storage. For example, THIMM has created a packaging concept for the company Villeroy & Boch that contains a solution specification for bathroom ceramics. The packaging contains modular cushioning of corrugated cardboard and is clustered. Find more information on packaging for ceramics.
THIMM has also developed packaging of corrugated cardboard for granite sinks, exhaust hoods and other bathroom and kitchen equipment. Besides pure packaging developments, large optimisation projects were also often carried out, which also involve related processes in addition to the packaging. Inform yourself about our customer examples.

Packaging for moving and archiving

Moving packaging and packaging materials like bubble pack and packing paper are absolutely necessary for a move in order to get your objects safely to your new home. Practical transport aids like trolleys, carrying straps or cutting knives also make work during the move easier.
You can purchase packaging for moving and archiving affordably at our online shop under www.kartonara.de

Packaging and displays for leisure, garden & DIY

As a manufacturer of garden furniture and DIY devices, toys, sporting goods and other articles, you require packaging specially adapted to your products and your sales channels. Our packaging developers design the optimal packaging for all products. In the process you can specify whether your articles will be presented in the DIY market, the specialised shop for sanitary articles or toy shops, or whether your articles require packaging that is functional and enables secure transport in B2B.

You require corresponding displays and decoration elements at the sale location? No problem! With individual pallet displays, standees or counter placements, we help you to increase your sales and to better market your product.

Take advantage of our broad packaging and display expertise and maximise the potential for your products. Please talk to us!

Packaging and displays for leisure, garden & DIY