Furniture & Wood


Special protection in logistics operations and storage. Bulky and angular products require intelligent packaging solutions which will protect the quality of your products in the event of vibrations and powerful collisions.

Take advantage of our in-depth industry expertise

As a result of our long-standing and extensive sector expertise we develop packaging that is customised to the specific load requirements of your product. In our certified central laboratory we check packaging stability and the quality in order to ensure you receive a reliable and secure solution. In this sector it is not only a question of good handling and transport security but also of the visual design of the packaging. Take advantage of our high-quality printing process and smartly set the stage for your product so that it achieves maximum impact.


Cardboard furniture as an eye-catcher

You can create a real eye-catcher with our corrugated cardboard furniture items. These are light yet very stable constructions which can be quickly assembled thereby offering versatile options for surface design. The cardboard furniture can be used for many different types of events and activities. They are also suitable for use as decorative room design elements or as merchandising items. We design stools, benches, chairs and much more on request and also with interesting in-built features such as drawers, etc.
Find out about the different packaging solutions for the furniture and wood sectors: