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The food and drinks market offers retail consumers a huge variety in which it is difficult for producers to draw attention to their own products. The skill here is to attract customers’ attention and create effective purchasing impulses at the POS.

Our packaging diversity – the added value for your product marketing

As a manufacturer of food products, we know that you have to rely on your packaging solution.  In addition to the safe transportation, the best possible protection for your products and the sustainability aspect, there is one other overriding concern, namely hygienic production conditions – and here you can rely on THIMM.
Our THIMM plants are inspected and certified with the BRC – Packaging Hygiene Certification, which means that we produce your packaging under the strictest hygiene conditions.
 Direct Food Contact – a current issue where we have made huge steps forward. With THIMM foodWave® | heatproof we have launched a highly greaseproof corrugated cardboard that is safe for direct food contact and can be used in the oven.
By using our shelf-ready packaging you are observing all the retailing requirements and guidelines that apply to shelf-ready packaging, namely an improved brand perception, impactful shelf differentiation, sales-promotion and easy product removal. In order to further reduce the time consumers spend searching for products on the retail shelf and to speed up access to goods, we recommend our various cardboard display packages. The integrated levels present your merchandise in an attractive way and  enables two independent ranges to be sold attractively and visibly in one packaging unit.
Our product diversity provides you with sensible options for perfectly combining transportation safety and protection, product staging at the POS, efficient pallet utilisation, easy shelf maintenance and sustainability.

A real eye-catcher – take advantage of trendy drinks packaging

The main purpose of drinks packaging is to ensure the safe transportation of the products and thereby ensure permanent stability and protection.  However, firm and robust packaging have long no longer been the only characteristics of drinks packaging, as it is also ideally suited for product marketing purposes. You can also use our innovative promotional packaging to present your products creatively at the POS. You have the option to print on the full surface area of the packaging to create a high-impact awareness and make your packaging an ideal advertising medium for targeting customers directly in the retail outlet and through your brand communications. 
Find out about the different packaging solutions for food and drinks:

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