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Our cardboard packaging for food and drinks protects, stores and transports your products sustainably until they reach the end-user. It also acts as an information display for products and brands. We produce packaging for direct and indirect food contact. We are also aware of the retail requirements for secondary placements. Present your products and brands in appropriate packaging and display solutions from THIMM.

Packaging solutions for food & drinks

As a producer of packaging for food and drinks we know which aspects are important for you and we implement these consistently. In addition to the safe transportation, the best possible protection for your products and the sustainability aspect, hygienic production conditions have to be complied with as mandatory. All THIMM plants are inspected and certified with the BRC – Packaging Hygiene Certification, which means that we produce your packaging for food and drinks under the strictest hygiene conditions.

Our wide range of packaging for food products offers you excellent opportunities for the best combination of transport safety and protection, product branding at the point-of-sale, efficient pallet utilisation and easy shelf maintenance.

Packaging diversity made by THIMM: Shelf-ready packaging, range packaging, shipping and transportation packaging, plus much more.

Packaging for food

Packaging for direct food contact

For direct food contact, our innovative foodWave® is an exceptional choice for food packaging and displays. foodWave® is a certified type of corrugated cardboard that is ideal for moist and greasy food. The corrugated cardboard products for food, produced under sterile conditions, are available in basic white and brown. They can also be printed individually or decorated with die-cut motifs.

Shelf-ready packaging for food products

By using our shelf-ready packaging for food products you are observing all the retailing requirements and guidelines that apply to shelf-ready packaging, namely an improved brand perception, impactful shelf differentiation, sales-promotion and easy product removal. In order to reduce the time consumers spend searching for products on the retail shelf and to optimise access to goods, we recommend our range packaging for food products. The integrated levels present your merchandise in an attractive way and enable two independent food product ranges to be sold attractively and visibly in one packaging unit.

Our wide range of packaging for food products offers you excellent opportunities for the optimum combination of transport safety and protection, product branding at the point-of-sale, efficient pallet utilisation and easy shelf maintenance and sustainability.

Packaging for drinks

The main purpose of drinks packaging is to ensure safe and secure transportation and therefore permanent stability and protection. However, these are not the only features of our drinks packaging:
Packaging for drinks is ideally suited for product marketing. You can also promote your products creatively at the POS with our innovative drinks packaging. Use your packaging as an advertising medium for direct customer messaging in retail outlets and in your brand communications!

Drinks packaging makes it easier for consumers to transport cans. In addition to this ease of handling, such drinks packaging for cans offers excellent palleting opportunities. This means you can benefit from optimised logistics costs. The packaging for cans can be customised to your own products. Mixed packaging for special or seasonal campaigns is also possible.
Drinks packaging for cans provides a good opportunity for maximising the additional advertising surface for your brand. Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is also a sustainable alternative to plastic films.

Display solutions for food products & drinks

Food products and drinks are presented in many different types of packaging in retail outlets. However, shelf-ready packaging is the most important here. Yet due to the variety of products on offer, many products do not create the desired attraction from the customer. Therefore, secondary placements and decorative elements are a crucial factor behind customer impulse purchases in food retail outlets. Whether for shelf ends, as island placements, in the till area or as part of a tasting campaign, mobile product placements help create additional purchase incentives.

Displays for food products and drinks: Variety at a glance

Displays for food products

A wide range of displays can be used as secondary placements to complement shelf purchases as a means of bringing the product into the focus of the customer. Pallet displays, floor displays and counter displays are only some of the variants which can set the perfect stage for your products and brands.

Food start-ups are becoming more and more popular. These new types of products are not placed directly on shelves for their product launch, but in secondary placements, as was the policy of the sports nutrition producer, foodspring. THIMM developed two pallet displays for different target groups and different on-site installations for the presentation of the latest nutrition products for sports enthusiasts.
The high level of stability of the display ensured that there was space for a range of products – from lightweight protein bars to heavy tins of protein powder. The pallet displays are particularly eye-catching due to their large-surface communication opportunities. The topper enhances the display giving it more reach and acts as an additional information platform.

A new digital presentation for muesli: The sales display with a digital print image for the Meray brand from the company Fresh Nuts has been a winner. In addition to the high-quality and attractive design, the diversity of digital printing enables invisible data codes to be placed partially in the print image, for example in the base, topper or in the lateral surfaces of the display. The advantage here is that the integrated codes can be linked individually to the digital content. This content can include advertising videos and websites through to customer interaction opportunities. Convince yourself and read more about this in our Top Story on the sales display with a digital print image.

Displays for drinks

Displays for coffee

As one of the world's favourite drinks, coffee tends to have a more introverted presence in retail outlets. However, thanks to different types of displays, coffee can also be showcased quite differently.
Through a pallet display for coffee capsules this unusual design attracts attention at the POS. In its black design with individual coloured elements, the display highlights the different coffee varieties - from pink for Espresso Barista through blue for tasty Lungo Azzuro to other colours and coffee varieties. The seven shelf levels ensure that each coffee variety has its own space and top-quality presentation. The colour scheme of the individual levels ensures that the favourite coffee variety can be found and removed immediately. The number of layers can also be built individually by product and by brand.

When it comes to the presentation of merchandise, these do not only need to be “big” pallet and floor-standing displays. Small eye-catching counter displays, for instance, also create added value in the sales area. Counter displays can be installed in many different areas, for example, as incentives in the till area or as an enhancement to a tasting counter. The small-form designs and the sophisticated construction create the optimum setting for the product and brand.
THIMM has developed such a counter display for the Czech coffee company Alza. The product presentation of the own brand AlzaCafé has space for two different pack sizes. Through a smart elevation in the counter display itself, the smaller varieties can also be “uplifted”.

Counter displays for drinks

Small counter displays for drinks are often used to test sales volumes. In these types of displays, different drinks such as bottles and cans can be presented in a very small space. Such counter displays for drinks are frequently assembled by manufacturers and delivered in transportation packaging to retail outlets, where, if required, a topper can be added which displays your brand.

Displays for alcoholic drinks

In certain seasons such as summer and in the run-up to Christmas, there is a specific focus on the marketing of alcoholic drinks. From November mulled wine and grog attract attention so as to differentiate themselves from other products as do the most diverse of wines from early summer.
Regardless of bottle or can shape, pallet and floor-standing displays are the preferred design for product staging. Eye-catching designs, unusual shapes and appropriate on-site marketing are the key factors for an inviting product and brand offering.

Displays and packaging – double the impact

That packaging and displays mutually enhance each other to the highest possible degree and exhaust the full potential for retail and customers alike, are demonstrated by two successful sales displays in use.

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Packaging and displays for food & drinks: