Dairy & Deep-Frozen


Do you want to find out more about packaging and displays for dairy and deep-frozen products? Then THIMM is the right company to help you!
Cheese, milk and yoghurts must be clearly visible for customers on the chiller shelf. The same applies to deep-frozen pizzas, deep-frozen vegetables and deep-frozen meals in retail outlets, where spontaneous purchase decisions are often made and which can be positively influenced by optimum packaging for your dairy products. Non-chilled dairy products also have a double impact through secondary placements.

Packaging for dairy products

As a producer of dairy products you are aware that your products compete with many other FMCG products on the sales shelf. Therefore this is where you have to successfully attract the customers’ attention and inspire and motivate them to make a purchase. Improve the visibility of your dairy products and purchase high-impact packaging!

Packaging design can meet many requirements, both retail requirements and your own requirements as a producer of dairy products. These may include product protection during transportation and storage, handling, stackability in the warehouse and on the shelf, disposal as well as optimum product visibility on the retail shelf. Packaging for dairy products should also act as a brand ambassador and present your brand through an attractive print image. There are a range of printing options to select from here.

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is the best medium to create an innovative presentation on the retail shelf, appropriate product protection and easy disposal. Find out about corrugated cardboard and be inspired by some existing packaging designs:

Packaging for dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and milk, etc.

Packaging for deep-frozen food

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is ideally suited for deep-frozen products such as deep-frozen pizzas, deep-frozen meals and ice cream. Packaging for deep-frozen food is available in all flute combinations which can provide the requisite load-bearing capacity and transportation protection. The customised printing options ensure identification in the supply chain. The printing on the packaging creates an additional brand presence in retail outlets. The packaging for deep-frozen food is easy for the unpacker to open and remove the deep-frozen products. The corrugated cardboard packaging for deep-frozen food is also environmentally-friendly and 100% disposable.

Taster counter made from corrugated cardboard

In addition to sales packaging for cheese, THIMM has developed a communications concept for the cheese producer Olmín. One aspect of this POS concept was a tasting counter made from water-repellent corrugated cardboard which was made available to retail outlets as a tasting campaign. The display reflected the design of the primary packaging of the cheese and set the perfect stage for the attention-grabbing secondary placement. Please consult our product page on the taster counter made from corrugated cardboard for the technical details.

Displays for non-chilled dairy products

Some dairy products undergo specific processing to ensure a longer shelf-life than traditional chilled products. This has the advantage that long-life milk and cream do not have to be stored on chiller shelves but can be also displayed as secondary placements at an additional marketing position in a retail store. This means that marketing combinations such as milk and cocoa powder or cream and baking products can be created.
Secondary placements are not only considered as pure display variants but as specific sales promotion displays with integrated packaging. The packaging is used here to store the spray cream bottles. The display can be delivered assembled to the retail outlet which both saves time and makes it easy to position the products.

Other packaging and displays for dairy products and chilled and deep-frozen products: