Dairy & Deep-Frozen


Whether you want to package delicious milk, mouth-watering cheese or tasty yoghurt, our comprehensive product portfolio will differentiate your products within the diversity of the dairy sector and generate high-impact awareness on the retail shelf.

Packaging solutions for a fresh variety of dairy products

As a manufacturer operating in the dairy sector you are only too aware that your products compete every day with countless other Fast Moving Consumer Goods in retail outlets. Therefore this is where you have to successfully attract the customers’ attention and inspire and motivate them to make a purchase. Both the design itself and the brand-focused and attractive printed images on the packaging ensure high levels of recognition and a memorable brand image at the POS.
Through our product diversity you can consider a range of packaging requirements and also comply with them – from transport protection through shelf-ready packaging to optimum range visibility and innovative retail sales units.

Deep-frozen products in the hot seat at the POS

As a manufacturer of deep-frozen products you are very aware of the high demands of your target customers: Outstanding freshness - great taste - excellent quality - delicious creations. This wide range of requirements must be perfectly attuned to each other for guaranteed market success. This also applies to product communications. Your products profit from packaging that distinguishes itself and has recall value. Within the abundance of extensive product diversity, it is a daily challenge to differentiate and present your products with high-impact awareness in the competitive environment. Through our product diversity we offer you customised possibilities to appropriately combine transport safety and protection, ideal product displays and the requirements of shelf-ready packaging together with packaging stackability. We can transform your shelf packaging into innovative sales packaging to optimise range visibility and highlight your product communications.
Deep-frozen products do not have to be stored by default in the customary freezer cabinets, but can also become a real attention-grabber as a secondary placement. With THIMM flexDisplay | fresh your product will become a real retail attention-grabber. A multi-purpose merchandising display, thanks to its full-surface printing provides you with highly effective advertising, a brand presence in retail outlets and also creates a sensory shopping experience for your customers. We also have many other customised packaging solutions which will showcase your products with high impact and improve your branding position and brand communication effectiveness. Maximise the significance and influence of packaging on the purchase decision.
Find out about the different packaging and display solutions for the dairy and deep-frozen sectors:

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