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Silky-smooth skin - radiant complexion - fresh skin texture. You know what interests your customers and the products that make them happy. We know how we can inspire your customers with your products as we are know the current market situation and the trends in personal care and cosmetic products.

Experience, pamper and enjoy – cosmetics find the perfect backdrop at the POS

Attention-grabbing product presentation - distinctive market presence - a special shopping experience. Through these, and other, individual marketing actions we can offer you fitting solutions customised to your specific requests and requirements. In a saturated market it is not easy to steer purchasing decisions towards one's own products. However, with our extensive industry expertise and many years’ experience we are able to focus the attention of your target audience on your products.
We have a range of presentation concepts ideally suited for shelf-ready packaging where your products are displayed retail-ready on the shelf making it easy for customers to pick them up but which also ensure that the products are protected and kept safe. We also provide packaging with product fixing mechanisms which contribute to increasing the value of your products by presenting your merchandise in an attractive and orderly manner.
You can also position counter displays for your promotional campaigns in the impulse zone and use the sales promoting packaging to improve the presentation of your merchandise in conjunction with the additional design opportunity provided by the cover of the display.
In order to increase the market awareness and presence of your products we also recommend the secondary placement of merchandising or advertising displays which give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself in the competitive environment. Using these decorative elements you will secure an exclusive positioning for your products, create a unique shopping experience and motivate your customers to purchase at the POS.

Promotional placement of toiletries

Personal care products are used every day and are described as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), a sector that is so diverse that consumers quickly lose an overview when standing in front of the retail shelves. In this sector you have to differentiate yourself from the competition.
We recommend you present your products in high-impact shelf-ready packaging on the retail shelf. For smart and varied brand communications we offer counter displays and decorative elements which promote your products at the POS effectively thereby also developing a strong brand image.
Natural products have proven successful in the personal care product sector, whereas for packaging the success factor is sustainability. We only use selected raw materials from certified sources (FSC®/PEFC) and ensure that we use materials appropriately through a wide range of flute types so we can keep CO2 emissions in storage and logistics as low as possible.
Find out about the different packaging solutions for the cosmetics and toiletries sectors:

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