Cosmetics & Toiletries


Packaging and displays for cosmetics & toiletries play their part in providing the best possible product protection during shipment and in strong marketing at the point-of-sale. This is the reason behind the wide range of exclusive display solutions that are available for high-quality cosmetics and, for toiletries in particular, the optimum packaging.

Display solutions for cosmetics & toiletries

Display solutions for cosmetics & toiletries are fresh eye-catchers at the point-of-sale. The highlights of these displays are their load-bearing capacity, stability and striking appearance. Floor-standing displays and pallet displays for cosmetics and toiletries are generally to be found in well-known health and beauty retailers such as Rossmann and dm. Whether for a seasonal campaign, the latest product marketing or the relaunch of an existing item, with THIMM as your partner you have the best solution for your product.

Sustainable natural cosmetics presented with impact

Shower gels, oils, lotions and creams are just some of the cosmetics that can be found in secondary placements. When used in promotional campaigns, floor-standing displays and pallet displays are positioned to catch the eye and offer a very distinctive presentation of the most diverse of merchandise.
Using natural colours and a specific design, Weleda has attractively showcased its various fragrances of shower gels to their best possible effect. Four compartments in a wood look act as shelves with space for the seven different fragrances. These are complemented by trays which give the products stability and protect them from slipping. A fantastic customer benefit of the floor-standing display is its 360-degrees visibility. It’s all-round communications area optimises customer interaction opportunities and also means it can be placed anywhere in the retail outlet.

A totally different POS display: The tower for natural cosmetics. This display is a winner due to its shape diversity and natural design. Its Europallet format with 15 shelves for a wide-ranging product presentation and a height of more than 140 cm ensures this display makes a strong statement the POS.
The concept underlying the POS display has been enhanced by a tester bar which can be moved to any other location in the retail outlet. This small counter display is particularly well-suited for use at the till area where it can both create recall value and stimulate a final purchase.

Display solutions for perfume

Attention-grabbing with a refreshing design and functionality – this is what makes display solutions for perfume stand out. In the fragrance sector in particular, value and individuality must create a perfect symbiosis to stimulate customers to make a purchase.

Summery, exotic and delicious: There are many different floor-standing displays for perfumes and these are a real eye-catcher in every perfumery.
Designed as a Caribbean beach hut, this floor-standing display transmits a sensation of summer to customers. For the marketing of a Jil Sander perfume brand, THIMM combined a floor-standing display and a counter display to create an all-round sales promotion solution. The visible wooden shelves in the display can showcase many different fragrances. A topper designed as a palm tree is positioned on each plug-in system to further increase the optical reach. Integrated rolls on the base mean they can be positioned anywhere in the retail outlet and can be enhanced in diverse display islands.

One look at this display and you feel like eating something sweet. This “delicious” floor-standing display was created as part of a fragrance campaign entitled “delicious fragrances”. It is used to display different perfume ranges. The particular highlight? To start off the sale, tasty macaroons are offered for tasting, thus creating an unusual purchase incentive.
Designed as a sweets trolley the floor-standing display presents the perfumes to the very best effect. Fragrances from various brands are displayed on four levels. As a visual attention grabber the small packages with the macaroon design were also incorporated. A very specific eye-catcher.

Inspired by nature, the new fragrance range from Acqua Colonia looks refreshing at the point-of-sale. It is a counter display that combines many different raw materials to a high standard. Corrugated cardboard, wood and fabric suggest a luxurious visual and haptic. THIMM is familiar with the cross-sector requirements for packaging and displays for cosmetics & toiletries and knows what’s required. The targeted combination of material and product framed with a high-impact design has also created an efficient purchase incentive in this counter display.

Decorative elements for a self-displaying product presentation

Who has never seen inviting shop window decorations in health and beauty retailers or perfumeries. With their focus on promotional product staging they are used to generate specific purchase experiences. This creates the initial attraction.
Shop window decorations for cosmetics include ceiling-mounted banners, decorative cubes, pedestals and posters in different shapes and sizes. These are all enhanced through multi-sensory light and sound elements which create a further visual and emotional purchase stimulus.
To create the maximum differentiation, shop window decorations are becoming an increasingly important communications channel to stimulate purchase interest and as incitements into the sales area.

Variety at the point-of-sale with counter displays, floor and pallet displays and decorative elements.

Packaging for toiletries

Shipping and sales packaging for toiletries must have a high-impact design to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. This is because establishing a customer connection at an emotional level not only involves offering the best possible packaging development and high-impact design, but also the ability to demonstrate an efficient benefit for the end-consumer.

Digitally-printed packaging for toiletries

Creating added value through digital printing This was the objective behind the creation of the high-impact packaging solutions for the customer Ontex. Where previously only four designs were used as standard, today there are three different background images and designs for each of the four sizes of nappies. An outcome with an effective and targeted customer-approach which thereby also yields the best possible benefits for the end-consumer.
Thanks to the many opportunities provided by digital printing, customised exclusivity and a contribution to the unboxing experience can be created. Yet there are not only benefits here for end-consumers. The branded products sector in particular benefits from the efficiency of digital printing. Convince yourself and read more about this our Digital Printing Competence Page.

Shelf-ready packaging for toiletries

Toiletries are used every day and are described as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), a sector that is so diverse that consumers quickly lose an overview when standing in front of the retail shelves. In this sector you have to differentiate your toiletries from the competition.
We recommend you use shelf-ready packaging which presents your products with high-impact on the retail shelf. Shelf-ready packaging is an uninterrupted trend for toiletries with easy identification, easy opening, easy shelf placement, easy sale and easy disposal of your toiletries packaging.
Natural products have proven successful in the personal care sector, whereas for packaging the success factor is sustainability. We only use selected raw materials from certified sources (FSC®/ PEFC) and ensure that we use materials appropriately through a wide range of flute types so we can generate savings for you in storage and logistics.

Packaging and displays for cosmetics & toiletries: