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We know the market: retail shelves are increasingly being filled with packaging for confectionery and snacks and the choice of special placements is huge. Therefore, purchase decisions often become spontaneous space purchases. In such an intensely competitive sector, product-staging shelf-ready packaging, secure transportation packaging and high-impact sales packaging for confectionery and snack food can be crucial for sales. In secondary placements you will benefit from merchandise-bearing displays to support seasonal campaigns or product launches. Additional decorative elements such as banners or ceiling banners round off the sales promotion.

Packaging for confectionery and snacks at the point-of-sale

Your product is not only our focus, it should also be the central element at the POS. With shelf-ready packaging, promotional sales packaging, state-of-the-art printing options together with safe protection and transport packaging, THIMM provides customised options for showcasing your brand and your products in the competitive environment in a unique way and with high impact. We hereby create new purchasing momentum for the customer and advantageous differentiation.

Packaging for Stapel-Chips in a round tin

Hexagonal packaging for confectionery and snacks in round primary packaging gives you multiple benefits. For example, by minimising materials usage this type of packaging for round products improves pallet utilisation by 5 percent. In technical parlance this is referred to as an optimised space utilisation level. Hexagonal packaging is also more stable and has a higher load-bearing capacity than traditional square packaging. The shape of the packaging for Stapelchips clearly differentiates it from its competitors on the retail shelf.

Shelf packaging for chocolate

So that confectionery products and chocolate are always neat and tidy at the front of the shelf, integrated push-feed systems are often used within the packaging. Products are pushed forward by elastic bands from the first to the last chocolate pack. This system also utilises the complete shelf depth with packaging units up to 400 mm. This enables you to present your brand and all chocolate varieties in the optimum way at the POS.
The packaging is produced as a single-piece and can be filled automatically or manually. In our shelf-ready packaging for chocolate the volume is also used to the maximum. This means you can achieve savings in logistics and materials. Packaging with a product-feed system always ensures a neat and tidy presentation of your confectionery products to consumers.

Promotional packaging as a catalyst

Product launches and marketing actions can be accompanied by whole range of different promotional opportunities. Promotional packaging for confectionery and snacks wins over consumers through its sales promotional positioning on the shelf and contributes to sales through its high-impact printing. Promotional packaging differentiates itself through innovations such as an integrated product slide for the easier removal of products and also scores highly with its ease of use.

Attractive packaging solutions for confectionery & snacks

POS displays: Creative concepts with a sensory experience

Successful sales promotion campaigns not only need effective presentation at the POS, but also attractive secondary placements in retail outlets. Pallet and floor displays along with counter displays are used frequently for these types of applications. Depending on the specific intended use, unique or standardised POS displays are used which create an unmistakeable market image for your brand and products.
For high-value secondary placements in particular design, print and special finishes are very important. THIMM will support you as your experienced partner from the consultancy and creative design phase through to the production and assembly of your promotional and merchandise-bearing displays. With our strong logistics and trading partners we position the displays professionally at the marketing site.

Pallet and floor displays for unusual merchandise presentations

Pallet displays for confectionery and snacks are generally located at the POS as free-standing displays or at the ends of shelves and are known as endcap placements. Marketing campaigns for confectionery and snacks highlight seasonal campaigns in particular. The advantage here is that displays can be placed anywhere in the retail outlet and can be adapted to the local circumstances of the individual stores. Secondary placements are generally placed in the till area and in the relevant product area. This generates higher levels of impulse purchases and an increase in brand awareness. Pallet and floor displays can be used for numerous products from the FMCG, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.
Unlike pallet displays, floor displays are placed directly onto the floor without a pallet.

A different type of merchandise presentation: merchandise-bearing advertising pillar for Bearprotein

"Let your INSTINCT decide" – this was the product launch tagline of the insect snack bars from Bearprotein GmbH. As a marketing support tool THIMM developed a merchandise-bearing advertising pillar that reflected the unmistakeable design of an insect snack. The two integrated trays highlighted the two bar varieties to their best advantage.
An additional topper on the advertising pillar ensures a higher reach and also provides an additional communications and information surface. The customised design reflects the brand and company name pictorially and also conveys a proximity to nature and the animal world.

Small counter displays with big impact

Counter displays for confectionery and snacks are mainly used in the immediate sales and till area. Suitable for permanent use for smaller products or for product marketing support, counter displays are the perfect accompaniment for the retail trade. The displays can also be used to enhance a larger campaign or as individual elements.
Small displays made from corrugated cardboard are used in particular for tastings.
A tasting mini-display for a Czech customer highlights their use for product marketing. Manufactured from corrugated cardboard and equipped with an additional informative and communications area, the counter display targets customers individually. Additional information and small tasting samples round off the campaign.

Seasonal promotional campaigns

Large-scale structures and placements are the “big ones” when it comes to point-of-sale of impact. Their unusual designs and sizes make them the real eye-catchers. The product-related design and printing of the large-scale structures show off their very best features. Large-scale placements enhance displays and can also be considered as an additional product stage. They can be used in particular for seasonal campaigns in many different ways and across many different sectors.

Variety that convinces: standardised and customised displays with digital added-value

Maximise your sales promotion campaigns, seasonal campaigns and comprehensive product staging with innovative packaging concepts and high-impact displays. Increase your brand awareness in the retail market and motivate your customers to purchase spontaneously.
Please talk to us – we will recommend the best solution for you for crisps, nuts, sweets, savour and sweet snacks and other nibbles.

Packaging and display solutions for confectionery & snacks: