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Packaging in the automotive industry makes the highest demands: Cars and bikes are comprised of many small and large individual parts, which must be packaged and transported safely. Replacement parts must also be taken into consideration in packaging logistics. Buy packaging for the automotive sector from THIMM!

The automotive industry is one of the most important industry sectors. Due to the constantly growing market and the technology-related changes to cars and bikes, there has also been an increase in the requirements for inter-company transportation, as well as of truck and overseas shipment. We can support you in these processes!

Packaging for the automotive industry: individual and standardised

THIMM is your manufacturer for individual packaging for the automotive industry: in our repertoire you will find, for example, transport packaging for instrument panels, brake discs, bumpers, windshields and complete engines. We develop and produce disposable and reusable packaging for the automotive industry.

Alternatively, THIMM produces standardised and normed automotive packaging. This includes small load (SLC) and large load carriers (LLC) of corrugated cardboard. A good alternative to wooden and steel containers, because our automotive packaging is used for both disposable and reusable shipping.

CKD packaging in the automotive Industry

THIMM offers you efficient packaging concepts for Completely Knocked Down (CKD): we develop individual packaging for the automotive industry for the shipping of your components and modules. CKD packaging consists of individual materials and can be individually adapted for various batch sizes. When necessary, our packaging engineers can be deployed to you on site. We record your individual items and parts sets in a packaging database, generate packaging specifications, including packing instructions, and carry out supplier qualifications and transport tests. In addition to accompanying the first delivery to the country of destination, THIMM makes a short project run time a priority. Experience shows that we implement CKD packaging in the automotive industry in approx. 6 months.

With the constant further development of technologies, the future theme of electromobility continues to advance. Whether electrical vehicles, charging stations or batteries, THIMM offers you the best solution revolving around the theme of electromobility. From corrugated cardboard through plastic to anti-static foams, we develop a packaging concept tailored to your product.

Sustainable transport packaging for electric Scooters

The intelligent transport packaging brings electric riding fun to your door, and that sustainably. Thanks to the innovative concept development, the packaging for the electric scooter first serves as transport protection, and then as optimal storage packaging. One package, two uses.
The packaging can be easily opened and closed with the help of integrated cover flaps. This means that it can be reused several times and serves as a small garage for the electric scooter. A separate lid also protects the electric scooter from above.

Clever packaging solution for charging stations of Plug'n Charge

The future theme of electromobility continues to advance. This also includes charging stations for electric vehicles in both the private and commercial sectors.
The Plug’n Charge company offers a parking system consisting of a main and two auxiliary charging stations. A product that requires the best possible transport protection.
The packaging solution consists of a EURO pallet with a top and bottom sleeve, a corrugated cardboard ring and a lid. With the help of an integrated PE foam film, the customer branding on the charging station is protected from abrasion and scratches. Special protection is also required for the steel pipes that connect the individual stations of the parking system with one another. Here, an elastic coat of corrugated cardboard is pulled over the pipes. Easy and fast.

Deploying know-how from the automotive industry in a targeted fashion

Thanks to our extensive know-how in the automotive industry, you purchase packaging solutions from us that are optimally suited to your products. THIMM is also your innovative partner with regard to the increasing focus on electromobility and the special protection of products in logistics. Contact our packaging experts!