Internal printing


Always one step ahead! THIMM is one of the pioneers in multi-faceted external and internal printing. Be it digital or direct printing - the issue of internal printing has an important and decisive role to play in your customer targeting and engagement, especially in these times of social distancing. The e-commerce sector is booming. What is the potential of internal printing in helping you reach your customers in the era of digitalisation? How do you create unique unpacking experiences to reinforce customer loyalty? 

We show you how to inspire your customers – with unique unboxing experiences!               In short: Internal printing with a WOW effect! 

Benefits of internal printing

So very COLOURFUL, with endless facets!

Use the internal surface area of your packaging for direct and personal customer engagement. Communicate via this design space, e.g. through customised and changing slogans or for seasonal campaigns. This is how you make a lasting impression on your customers. You are not selling a product, but energies and emotions! The fast pace of our society and the associated interchangeability of increasingly homogeneous products is both a blessing and a curse. Commit to the potential of emotional customer engagement in this era of digitalisation for your branding and for a distinctive brand experience.

Open your eyes! Be inspired by THIMM’s wide range of internal printing. For example, you can create an unpacking experience that is closely linked with direct customer engagement whilst at the same time promoting your new product range. Working together with its customer flaconi THIMM has developed an e-commerce packaging concept with a WOW effect which not only reflects the corporate branding, but also uses internal printing to reveal so much more to the customer. You can find more information about the joint collaboration with flaconi here.

You can also exploit the possibilities of applying codes to the internal surface area of your packaging. The digital printing process enables visible and invisible codes to be printed on the internal surface of your packaging. These QR codes on the internally printed surface area can, for example, be linked to product descriptions, information or application tips. This therefore enables you to communicate and interact with your customers through the internal printing of your packaging.

Unpacking experiences for your customers!

Janina Witte

You want to create a "WOW" for your customers and do even more for your brand appeal? Don't hesitate and contact us now! Together with you we will develop the best packaging solution with internal printing for you.

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In the example of the shipping packaging from Salwa Petersen, a visually appealing print image on the outer cover is combined with a simple and very informative internal print area which informs customers about the high-quality hair care products and the origins of the young company. Discover further interesting details about the internal packaging printing for Salwa Petersen here.

This is how internal printing proves its worth. Internal printing is also the first choice for displays, food trays and all other corrugated cardboard packaging to perfectly showcase your products. Internal printing opens up new dimensions: Printing with a holistic approach. Not only is the product important, but also and above all how it is packaged!

From shipping packaging to standard packaging: An inside print always provides for an exiting unpacking!