Uniqueness at the POS with "a big piece of cake joy" from Sanella


The integrated display and packaging concept for the promotion of the Sanella “Riesen-Stück Kuchenglück” baking set is the result of a joint innovation workshop between Unilever and THIMM. At the POS, the shape of the packaging and the added value it provides are as unique as the Sanella baking set itself.

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), the umbrella brand of Unilever markets many branded items, including Sanella. THIMM has developed an integrated packaging concept for the rollout of the Sanella "a big piece of cake joy" baking set.

The display forms the central marketing element and is an important part of the integrated packaging concept.

"The display picks up on the packaging shape and stacks several pieces of cake upwards into a semi-circle. All baking ingredients including the innovative corrugated cardboard cake pan are brought together in the high-impact sales packaging in the shape of a piece of cake on the pallet display that adds a dash of dazzle to the packaging concept" explains Michael Schulz, Design and Development at THIMM Display.

Thanks to the self-standing goods and stable outer packaging, the display only consists of a few components. The necessary hold is ensured by only one washer under every layer. The design means that material usage is very low, thus minimising material costs.
To comply with the strict hygiene requirements for foodstuff packaging, Thimm produces the corrugated board cake pans in BRC / IoP high-risk certified factories. The flat-pack delivered packaging units are assembled under ultra-hygienic conditions at Unilever and protected in the display with a cover and delivered to retailers. The shape of the display and the sales packaging as well as the added value of the corrugated cardboard cake pan contribute to the uniqueness of the Sanella baking set.

The eye-catching display with high-impact sales packaging and design as a piece of cake combines the ingredients and a corrugated cardboard cake pan in one set.

For several months Unilever and THIMM perfected the idea of an innovative and integrated display and packaging concept for the launch of the Sanella baking set.

"For us at THIMM THE HIGHPACK GROUP this was a great project because several divisions of our company were involved in the project. THIMM Consulting was responsible for the packaging development of the corrugated cardboard cake pan and the outer packaging, THIMM Display for the development and production of the displays, THIMM Verpackung for the packaging manufacture under strict hygiene production conditions and Christiansen Print for the high-quality flexo-printing including coating" explains Jo van Waterschoot, Key Account Manager at THIMM Verpackung.

Eye-catching display and packaging concept for the unique promotion at the POS

  • Effective brand presentation thanks to top-quality flexo-printing, including a packaging coating
  • The display serves as a central marketing element at the POS, and brings in additional revenue through impulse buys
  • Target group-oriented communication concept boosts brand loyalty
  • Exclusivity of the packaging concept thanks to the uniqueness in form and function
  • Eye-catching sales packaging in the shape of a piece of cake as a unique combination with an integrated certified cake pan made of corrugated cardboard
  • The integrated cake pan is made of THIMM foodWave® | heatproof. This packaging uses a water and oil-repellent flute type certified for direct food contact, and its jointless design allows customers to bake directly in the corrugated paper, thus replacing a metal or silicon baking tin
  • THIMM foodWave® | heatproof is made of selected raw materials from certified sources (FSC®/PEFC)

You can find out more about the unique pallet display for the presentation of the Sanella baking sets here.