Supplier-independent and modular display concept


THIMM conducted a comprehensive range optimisation for 83 display varieties for the traditional company Bremer HACHEZ Chocolade GmbH & Co. KG which was founded in 1890.

One field of action from previous packaging analysis was the huge variety of displays and packaging materials in use. The high level of complexity often resulted in the corresponding residual inventory which meant that costs for destruction were also incurred. The objective of the in-depth consultancy was to create a concept to optimise and standardise secondary placements and accessories. In specific terms this translates into material-efficient designs and a reduction in variety which lead to cost savings and process optimisations.

Supplier-independent and modular display concept

THIMM analysed a modular assembly as a future display range. This often relieves stress in logistics and production and reduces diversity, After the requirements of the manufacturer and the customer had been identified, both companies prepared a functional specification. This was based on establishing uniform packaging master data, packaging standards and packaging specifications. The THIMM engineers also developed packaging schemes. This resulted in the creation of a modular display concept which having previously consisted of several hundred parts is now limited to a few standard modules. A modular system is thus now in place.

Supplier tendering and evaluation of solutions

All analysed packaging requirements were incorporated into the supplier briefing. THIMM co-ordinated possible suppliers and prepared the tender documents. The expertise of THIMM flowed into the selection process and into the evaluation of alternative solutions. After a two-stage decision process, a medium-sized packaging company was selected which shone in many respects. Thanks to the preceding packaging optimisations, residual stock and any resulting destruction can now be avoided at Bremer HACHEZ chocolate GmbH & Co. KG.

Customer-specific packaging catalogue for internal and external use

In the final phase a packaging guideline with the relevant requirements was developed. Necessary packaging standards for internal company processes are stored here. The guideline can also be used for suppliers and it ensures a common understanding regarding compliance with quality requirements. A good investment for the future.