Elegant and robust violin case made from EPP for XKolar


As a violin owner there is really nothing more annoying than discovering that one’s beloved instrument has been damaged during transportation. Impacts on the way to a concert or to the next rehearsal always pose a risk for highly sensitive string instruments. If you want to avoid this, a custom-fit violin case made from EPP is the perfect solution for you. 

Your violin and a violin case made from EPP – It's a perfect symphony

The aim of the collaboration between XKolar and THIMM was to create a foam body for violin cases that meets the high requirements of a violin. The violin must be displayed to its best advantage, but security and stability to protect the violin are always the most important aspects. The violin case must also be easy to handle for the musician and should provide an ideal benefit.  

All these requirements are fulfilled with the foam body made of expanded polypropylene. In collaboration with XKolar we have developed a violin case made from EPP that impresses both with its inner values. But also with the high-quality fabrics and elegant hardware that XKolar uses for production, making the violin case made from EPP a real eye-catcher even when closed. 

The violin case made from EPP is available at  xkolar.com in five different designs. From classic black violin cases made from EPP to unusual space designs – there's something for every violin lover.

XKolar has found an ideal partner in THIMM for the development of a custom-fit violin case that provides everything required to protect a violin. The sustainability aspect is also taken into consideration when using EPP. Andreas Kolar from XKolar is also totally convinced by the EPP-material: 

“In order to do the violin justice, I had to throw all my experience and skills I thought I had overboard. After going through different stages of enlightenment, this is how I arrived at EPP.

The material EPP (expanded polypropylene) is the state-of-the-art material in modern production engineering. Used, among other things, in the automobile and aviation industry, it’s characterised by high stability, durability, and low weight. EEP consists of 90% air. It is extremely light and has excellent insulation properties. It’s foamed solely with water vapour (145-160 degrees) at very high pressure and is absolutely ecologically safe. It can easily be disposed of in household waste. EEP has virtually no limits as far as shaping goes, which has enabled me to develop a mould around the violin, and thus making it the only centre of attention. In the end, the whole thing turned out to be something like a self-supporting body."

Sustainability definitely doesn't play second fiddle at XKolar and THIMM

Alongside the desire to develop a safe and appealing violin case made of EPP, there was also a focus on sustainability. 

Today’s focus is increasingly on protecting the environment. Therefore, we attach great importance to making our contribution in this regard by aligning our sustainability aspects. When foaming the EPP in the production of the violin case we only use compressed as a blowing agent. THIMM does not use traditional, environmentally harmful blowing agents. Thanks to the robust and durable EPP material, the violin case made from EPP can easily be used for several years. If the EPP is worn out, it can either be reused in a new form or simply returned to the recycling process. 

Customer benefits of using the violin case made from EPP

  • No damage to the instrument is expected in changing weather conditions thanks to the excellent insulating properties.
  • Product fixings inside the violin case made from EPP guarantee a secure hold and prevent costs being incurred due to a damaged instrument or accessories.
  • The shock-absorbing particle foam ensures ideal protection of the violin.
  • The light weight of the violin container made from EPP makes it easy to use.
  • The cut-outs and product fixings in the violin case made from EPP provide sufficient secure storage space for violin bows and other accessories.
  • The black interior of the violin case made from EPP really makes the beauty of the violin stand out.
  • The violin case made from EPP is a real eye-catcher thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics and elegant hardware.

Expanded polypropylene

Your advantages when using EPP as packaging material:

  • Your company logo can be advertised as a visual highlight.
  • As an integrated solutions provider for multi-material packaging, we can also offer you the option of purchasing transportation packaging from us. 
  • High-quality embossing is easy to implement and increases the value of your product.
  • Compared to other plastics, you increase the sustainability of your company by using EPP as a packaging material. 
  • EPP easily withstands all common weather conditions.
  • There are no limits to the use of EPP colours and shapes. 

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