Analysing packaging effectively


Analysing packaging effectively: Greiner Bio-One International GmbH is an international medical technology company. With around 1,800 employees and 23 subsidiaries Greiner Bio-One has a presence in more than 100 countries. In a joint project THIMM optimised the packaging.

"The first step was to analyse the existing packaging and its associated processes" explains Björn Bartram, Senior Manager THIMM. "Our project started in the Austrian sites of Kremsmünster and Rainbach and in Frickenhausen in Germany. We looked at the production, material flow and packaging processes. This was followed directly by Voice of the Business interviews with the relevant employees. Initial strengths and weaknesses were derived as a result."

Potential analysis for the optimisation of packaging and processes

The experts from THIMM then assessed the packaging and the processes. Huge potential was revealed, for instance, through the huge variety of cardboard boxes. By creating four packaging clusters across the entire range, THIMM determined five-digit potential.

Another area for optimisation is the internal company goods transportation function. "Together with Greiner Bio-One we reviewed the cost benefits in the use of large load carriers. The focus was on large load carriers made of plastic in conjunction with LDPE pouches. According to our detailed analysis, this transport solution yielded a low six-digit cost advantage. In a workshop we compared the process costs with and without automation" concluded Bartram.