Contact THIMM Display for your corrugated cardboard and solid board displays! As one of the leading German display manufacturers we develop and produce customised display solutions for the point-of-sale (POS). We present your products in the best possible way, arouse emotions and create purchasing impulses.

Most purchase decisions are made spontaneously at the POS, so this is where you should create the best possible staging to showcase your products. Therefore, to significantly increase the sales of your products make use of corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard for your
pallet displays, floor displays, shelf displays, counter displays, stand-up displays and decorative backdrops. THIMM Display produces, designs, assembles and ships for you! We use state-of-the-art printing technologies and finishes to guarantee the maximum awareness for your products.

Display types in overview

Classic secondary placements or merchandising displays:

Pallet display

Merchandising displays which are delivered pre-stocked to retail units in standard 1/4 pallet, 1/2 pallet or Euro pallet measurements, amongst others. Then the retailer only has to position the display on-site.

Floor display

Customised floor cardboard or corrugated cardboard displays are placed on the floor directly without a pallet. Floor displays are merchandising displays. These are generally display structures which are sent to the POS as an easy-to-handle transport unit, either flat-pack or partially-assembled and with or without goods, where they can be fully assembled and stocked with goods.

Counter display

Cardboard counter displays are often used in retail outlets on the sales counter. They increase the sales of small-format products.

Advertising displays:

Stand-up displays

Large in scale with elliptical pillars and folding walls, they grab customers’ attention and create an additional communications area. Stand-up displays are often used to complement a classic secondary product placement.

Decorative backdrops

Decorative backdrops are mainly used for shop windows. Their printing is usually very high-quality, furnished also in part with light and/or movement and they are the perfect attention-grabbers for your products and brands. Decorative backdrops can be complemented perfectly with stand-up displays, deco-cubes and mobile elements.

Assembly and co-packing of your displays

If requested THIMM Display will assemble your displays and stock them with your goods. This means we can provide you with a one-stop shop full-service.

During assembly we bring the individual elements of your display production together. Our committed specialist staff assemble and fill your displays with your products in our central co-packing area. This enables us to guarantee a high quality service.

Be inspired by the creative, customised designs from our professional know-how and the high-technical quality of our production, assembly and co-packing services. Talk to us! We will be pleased to give you more information whenever you require it.

Find out more about our displays and decorative backdrops:

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