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The benefits of digital printing are absolutely essential for today’s packaging sector. Digital printing is the ideal process for small to medium print runs and enables the creation of customised printing for packaging and displays. How does digital printing work? Consult the digital printing experts from THIMM Group to find out more.

Definition of digital printing

Digital printing is an contactless print process. This means that no separate print media are required because the print image is transferred directly to the printing press via computer. In comparison to other printing processes, such as offset or flexo-printing, the laborious press set-up is no longer required.

As regards resolution, digital printing is comparable with offset-printing. Therefore digital printing is ideally suited to high-quality packaging and displays.

Typical uses & benefits of digital printing

Digital printing is particularly well suited to small and medium print runs in different formats. Its low set-up costs translate into good cost benefits in comparison to other printing processes. This means you no longer have to place consolidated orders of large print runs or hold high stock levels. Stay flexible and save printing set-up costs!

Digital printing is essential for a quick market launch as you can acquire cost-effective test production runs for your market research. As it is an contactless printing process, fast image changes and therefore shorter delivery times are possible. You can expect an optimisation of your supply chain with digital printing!

Retain your customers through customised packaging for special campaigns or seasonal packaging. Your print images can also be personalised. Your colour choices for your design know no limits – the CMYK colour models consists of the three colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (key) which is derived from the keyplate. A whole range of special colours can be simulated in digital printing using the CMYK process colours. This minimises colour variations. Invisible code in the print image is also possible. Design your contemporary and customised printing today!

Digital printing presses in detail

At THIMM Group one of the machines we use to produce your digital printing output is a HP PageWide Web Press. You will benefit from its speed, durability and versatility benefits as with its speed of 183 metres per minute, 1,200 dpi offset quality and an operating width of 2.80 metres we can open up totally new possibilities to you:

Digital printing machine

The printing press can process paper weights from 80 to 400 grammes per square metre. With the four-colour water and pigment-based CMYK thermal ink jet printing, we also comply with all the requirements for indirect food contact.

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