Shipping bikes sustainably and safely: Thimm Packaging Systems presents its latest innovation

16.03.2021 Thimm has developed fully recyclable bike packaging that provides extremely high product protection during shipping. The design of the paper-based packaging solves the known packaging and unpacking problems.

Manufacturers ship bikes almost completely assembled to the local specialised trade or to private customers. Only the final assembly of lamps and pedals and the alignment of the handlebars take place on site. Michael Weber, Head of Corporate Strategy + Marketing, explains the challenges: “Extremely high product protection is required when shipping bikes. The average price of bikes is still over 1,000 euros and is even significantly higher for e-bikes, therefore it is important to protect these valuable products accordingly and make handling as easy as possible. Furthermore, environmentally-friendly packaging and easy disposal are very important issues for consumers. We are delighted to introduce an optimum solution with our innovative bike packaging.”

The packaging was developed in a joint project between Thimm Packaging Systems and Thimm pack'n'display and is suitable for all bikes and e-bikes between 18 and 29 inches in size. It is made entirely of sustainable corrugated cardboard in BC quality. The flat-pack, one-piece pre-cuts can be quickly and easily assembled thanks to the integrated slot closures and adhesive strips. The packaging design includes a saddle bracket, steering wheel attachment and two wheel holders to secure the bike in place and ensure its protection during shipping. The sustainable packaging does not require any of the standard padding and protective materials such as foil pouches, polystyrene or bubble wrap, nor any sealing agents such as staples or strapping tape. There is also enough storage space to include a cardboard box. Sealing agents such as staples or strapping tape are also not required. Weber explains: “This saves time, material and costs and is also good for our environment.”

To make unpacking easier for recipients, Thimm developers have also solved long-known problems with their new design. Weber adds: “Bike boxes often have to be opened from above. The recipient must then lift a wheel weighing up to 25 kilograms over the large packaging box. Our innovative packaging is opened from the middle by a tear perforation which of course also makes it more stable. The side parts can then be folded outwards and the recipient is presented with a wonderful view of the new bike which can simply be pushed out of the packaging.”

Afterwards, disposing of the bike packaging is quick and easy: since it is a so-called single-material solution made of corrugated cardboard, it does not have to be separated in a time-consuming process. Disposal is via the wastepaper cycle which means it remains in the ecologically valuable raw materials cycle. This exemplary recyclability means that the used boxes are reprocessed into raw paper for corrugated cardboard production.

Weber concludes: "If you don't even like the bike our packaging can also be used to return it. The wheel can be pushed in and the associated brackets will again protect it from transportation damage. As soon as everything has been secured in position, the packaging can be resealed with the slot closures. Once again no additional adhesive tape is required. We are delighted to provide such an extremely high level of product protection and ease of handling even for returns.”

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