Designing effective processes, reinforcing core competencies: Packaging services provision from Thimm Packaging Systems

12.10.2017 Packaging must meet a wide range of criteria for it to be used efficiently in the supply chain. For example, it must ensure maximum product protection and also be constructed so it optimises volume and freight space. At the same time it should slot seamlessly into the process chain and be provided using the just-in-time model. As a specialist in multi-material packaging solutions and packaging services provision, Thimm Packaging Systems supplies a comprehensive service encompassing development through the continuous optimisation of packaging to responsibility for packaging and picking services. When customers can rely on an effectively designed process, they can concentrate fully on their own core competencies and absorb any order peaks.
Extraordinary campaign: Thimm Packaging Systems supported the Mothers‘ Day campaign from the flower dealer Blume 2000 with its flexible packaging services.

This is specifically illustrated in special campaigns such as the Mother's Day campaign from the flower dealer Blume 2000 where Thimm Packaging Systems supported its customer in the assembly. Two different products could be selected as part of the campaign - the pot-rose “1,000 Thanks to Mommy” and the bouquet “Radiant Thanks”. These could be further enhanced with optional extras such as a greetings card, pralines, sparking wine or macaroons. The merchandise was delivered to the Thimm Packaging Systems location in Nordhausen and professionally stored, in part in refrigerated lorries. The connection to the customer's ordering system enabled incoming orders to be processed directly and the respective orders could then be picked in the two corresponding packaging varieties. The specific challenge was to ensure that every order could be combined individually with the respective floral display and optional extra items. And of course every order had to be delivered on time for Mother’s Day.

The shipment-ready gifts were then collected in bundles for delivery to the final customers. Orders were still being received up to one hour before the last collection. Therefore the workflows had to be designed highly agile.

The benefits of the process are clear to see, explains Kristina Langmann, head of product line management/authorised officer at Blume 2000: “The packaging services provided by our supplier Thimm Packaging Systems gives us flexibility when handling peaks in demand. We specifically need this flexibility with exceptional projects such as the Mother’s Day campaign.”

As well as the support for specific customer projects, Thimm Packaging Systems also assumes responsibility for the fully standardised picking and packaging processes. Packaging services are performed where the customer needs them. The possibility of outsourcing the packaging process to production plants of Thimm Packaging Systems or to separate sites means that the customer’s surface areas can be put to more productive use.  

About Thimm Packaging Systems:
Thimm Packaging Systems is a business division of the Northeim-based Thimm Group. Thimm Group is the leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of goods. Its portfolio includes corrugated cardboard transportation and sales packaging, high-quality promotional displays, packaging systems combining a range of materials and print products for further industrial processing. The company’s product offerings are further enhanced by a wide range of associated packaging services covering the entire supply chain. Its customers include prestigious branded product groups from across all sectors. Founded in 1949, the family-owned business has more than 3,000 employees at 19 sites in Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and Mexico and generates annual revenues of around 570 million euros. 

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