Universal cargo bike packaging

20.08.2021 Are you looking for secure packaging for your cargo bikes? THIMM produces cargo bike packaging made from sustainable multi-materials.

The following motto of European cities is becoming increasingly clear: There will be fewer cars and more bikes on the roads in future. Cargo bikes are also becoming increasingly popular in this context. However, cargo bikes are not only gaining popularity because they minimise the environmental impact. Their flexible use also scores points with consumers. 

However, the act of cycling is not the only thing that is crucial for a good environmental balance. Packaging also has a decisive role to play. The savings to be made in film and in the transportation of damaged cargo bikes and the resulting additional logistical costs are the biggest challenges to be overcome.

Our cargo bike packaging is made from sustainable multi-materials. Fixings and padding made from corrugated cardboard provide optimum protection for the cargo bike to be packaged. Sensitive parts no longer need to be wrapped in film. This not only saves your time resources, but also our environment. Because our cargo bike packaging is delivered flat-packed it can be stored at your premises in a way that is compact and space-saving when compared to other container systems. The cargo bike packaging only needs to be assembled when it is needed which is an easy process with little effort required. The digital printing on the cargo bike packaging also means that the transportation containers are no longer brown. Internal and external printing can give the packaging that “something special” and create a surprise moment for your customers. 

Find out here about other facts and benefits of our cargo bike packaging.

Commit to safe and sustainable packaging for your cargo bikes now!

Sebastian Hennecke

Whether it’s for cargo bikes, e-cargo bikes or cargo pedelecs, we can offer you optimum and sustainable packaging for cargo bikes that will also delight your customers! Avoid future costs due to transportation damage and find out more now!

Sebastian Hennecke
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