The new THIMM Sustainability Report 2020

31.03.2021 Regular, open and transparent reporting on our sustainable performance and actions is a matter of course for THIMM Group. This is why since 2014 we have been compiling detailed sustainability reports which disclose our environmental and social footprint and illustrate changes. In the Sustainability Reports we describe THIMM’s main sustainability issues and we aim to present the report in a balanced and comprehensible manner.
THIMM Sustainability Report 2020

The Sustainability Report 2020 contains information about the sustainability developments, activities and objectives of THIMM Group in the financial years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The financial year corresponds to one calendar year. This is the third Sustainability Report issued by THIMM Group. The content and structure of our Sustainability Report is based on the GRI Standards, the internationally established guideline for sustainability reporting using the “Core” reporting option.

The various measures we have undertaken demonstrate our long-standing commitment to sustainable business. Our Sustainability Report 2020 describes what we have achieved in the 2016 to 2019 reporting period along with details of our future plans. The eight chapters of the Sustainability Report provide interesting insights into the various subject areas and their sustainable activities, projects, measures and objectives.

The introductory section “Company Profile” in chapter one of the Sustainability Report provides up-to-date information and facts about THIMM, which as a family business is a leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of goods. In addition to our philosophy and our values, we present our various business divisions with their comprehensive product ranges.

What do we mean by corporate responsibility and the resulting demands this places on us? How do we intend to expand our corporate responsibility management and achieve our CR objectives in the future? The second chapter of the Sustainability Report 2020 explains this in more detail.

The Sustainability Report also examines our supply chain and the important sustainability criteria in the procurement process and takes a closer look at innovations in production and technology (chapters three and four).

In chapter five we review our HR work in the face of ongoing change. Read more about how our HR department has adapted and restructured to meet the changing external framework conditions.

The situation in the market and with our customers is also undergoing change. The opinion of packaging is also changing. The digitalisation of processes and the customisation of products have a big role to play here. How does THIMM handle these changing requirements? You can read more about this in chapter six.

As a solutions provider and advisor to our customers, we have developed numerous sustainable packaging concepts which we are pleased to present in chapter seven of the Sustainability Report. Whether as solutions for direct food contact, innovative sales packaging or optimised processes and designs, our portfolio includes many sustainable solutions for our customers.

The last chapter of the Sustainability Report (chapter eight) presents a good overview through clear graphics and diagrams of the most important key figures that we have collected and analysed over the reporting years. And this key figures section of our Sustainability Report also provides a comprehensive insight into the specific key figures from our three focus areas of economy, ecology and society.

A lot has happened in the reporting period. Read more about the developments and the progress of our sustainability activities in the new THIMM Sustainability Report 2020!

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