Sustainable logistics processes

25.03.2021 Planning, coordination and control within the value chain are the main tasks of our sustainable logistics and they enable effective process implementation. Sustainability is not a new issue. But what does sustainable logistics mean at THIMM?

Short transportation routes promote sustainability. With our sites located close to our customers we can remain flexible and ensure rapid delivery thanks to short transportation routes.  Through these shorter distances, we avoid long HGV journeys, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Empty runs should be avoided. Digitalisation is helping minimise and avoid empty runs. Our logistics service providers control the logistics data and are improving the networking of hauliers and shippers. The optimum utilisation of transportation capacities and the reduction of partial deliveries and special deliveries also play an important role in our sustainable logistics plans. We also calculate the optimum pallet configuration. This ensures optimum utilisation of the pallet and optimum use of the transportation capacity. Recycling systems are also actively activated and promoted by participating in pallet collection systems. 

Optimising our logistics processes is an ongoing process: Existing processes are analysed in terms of performance, weak points and potential. We always closely examine the ecological and economic consequences. 

THIMM focuses on the following areas when optimising sustainable logistics: Cost optimisation, minimisation of freight routes, avoidance of empty runs, capacity protection and process optimisation. Smart capacity control and digital platforms enable these optimisations to be implemented and controlled.

The aim is to enable optimum route planning, make vehicle utilisation as efficient as possible and safeguard capacities. This can reduce transportation costs and decrease CO2 emissions effectively.

THIMM uses an IT platform for its sustainable development planning. This Transport Management System (TMS) is used to allocate and centrally control freight on a tendering platform. This makes the process leaner and the associated logistics processes more efficient. Minimising journeys, reduced fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions are some of the sustainable results that have been achieved. In parallel to reducing costs and environmental impact, customer satisfaction also increases.

Read more about our sustainable logistics processes and the collaboration with our logistics service providers in the new THIMM Sustainability Report 2020!

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