Display- and packaging concept for disposable mouth-nose protection from Hahnemühle

18.05.2020 Support and solidarity in crisis situations. During this Coronavirus-pandemic, fast and carefully considered action is required. One good example of a fast and successful collaboration are the digitally-printed sales displays with dispensers that THIMM has rapidly developed and produced in conjunction with the customer Hahnemühle FineArt.
Dispenser packaging and a sales display as a POS-all-in-one solution for Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle FineArt has developed a filter paper which can be punched directly as disposable -mouth- and nose protection. Mouth and nose protection is of particular importance during the Corona-pandemic. THIMM has developed a high-quality all-in-one solution for the marketing launch of the HaMuNa® Care mouth- and nose cover.  HaMuNa® Care mouth- and nose covers from Hahnemühle are packaged for transportation in functional dispensers made from corrugated cardboard and then displayed for sale on the retail shelf. The dispenser packaging for Hahnemühle is a flip-pack box with a tear perforation on the front. This makes the packaging quick to open and the Hahnemühle-products easy to remove.  The packaging also contains an insert for neatly hanging up the mouth- and nose covers from Hahnemühle and also protects the product securely. When the packaging arrives at Hahnemühle, the additional insert which acts as a hook is unfolded and pushed into the mouth- and nose protection in the flip-pack box-design.

The all-in-one environmentally-friendly solution developed by THIMM also includes a sales display. For the enhanced sales display in the retail outlet, THIMM has developed a high-impact sales display which clearly displays the mouth- and nose covers from Hahnemühle in the dispensers.  Flexibility as a success factor: State-of-the-art modern digital printing technology is used flexibly and with customisation in offset- quality to create a range of designs, also for small production runs. Hahnemühle is also offering retailers the flexibility of selling the mouth- and nose covers without the sales display and only with the dispenser packaging.

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