Corrugated board beer chess - the party game for the beverage industry

20.08.2019 Have you ever played beer chess before? No problem with the bottle packaging in chess piece design! THIMM has designed this original promotion campaign for the beverage industry and wins the Czech packaging prize Obal roku in the category "POP & POS Displays" with the beer chess.
Corrugated cardboard beer chess set

Beer chess is an original party game, suitable for company events, seasonal campaigns or as a private gift, especially for the beverage industry. The brand can be placed effectively through beer chess. In addition, the fun of playing supports the positive customer experience in beer chess.

The beer chess bottle caps are put over the bottles, where they are locked with the crown caps. This means that the caps can be used for glass bottles of any size. They consist of E-flute and are digitally printed, so that an individual design of each beer chess bouncer is possible.

In addition to the 32 bouncers, a chessboard made of corrugated cardboard was constructed for the beer chess. The brand can also be placed here for advertising purposes. The chessboard can, for example, carry the brand colours. There are no limits to the imagination in the digital printing process.

The beer chess set consists entirely of corrugated cardboard and can be used as a sustainable advertising campaign for beverage manufacturers.

The concept of beer chess can also be adapted to other board games in which the game figures can be replaced by bottles.

In the Czech competition "Packaging of the Year 2019" the beer chess convinced the expert jury and received an award in the category POP & POS Displays. The award ceremony for the beer chess will take place on 24 October 2019 during a packaging gala dinner in Prague.

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