Baking mould for meat loaf of heat-resistant and sustainable corrugated cardboard

30.04.2019 Both the food industry and the trades purchase baking moulds for meat loaf equally. Baking moulds of aluminium or paper-based baking moulds with silicone or PE coatings are often used here. These baking moulds are often criticised as being damaging to health. The materials used often also present challenges for recycling. The sustainable and responsible alternatives are corrugated cardboard baking moulds for meat loaf!
Baking moulds for meat loaf

Our baking moulds for meat loaf consist of a corrugated cardboard certified for use with food. Only fresh fibre paper is used to create the corrugated cardboard for manufacturing the baking moulds for meat loaf. A water-based coating ensures the high Kit value of 12 of the baking moulds for meat loaf. The Kit value is a unit of measurement for evaluating fat density. The developers designed a joint-free baking mould for meat loaf in order to fill it easily with the meat for baking. The baking moulds are designed joint-free in E-flute and are glued in production with two dots of glue. The design means that the baking moulds for meat loaf can be very easily set up and can even be stacked in one another if desired.

Purchase baking moulds for meat loaf directly from the manufacturer: The baking moulds for meat loaf are manufactured under strict hygienic conditions. The BRC-IoP standard is applied here in our production works. Printing of the baking moulds for meat loaf is also possible: for example, logos, company information, baking instructions and much more can be printed. The baking moulds for meat loaf are available in black, white and brown corrugated cardboard.

In addition to meat loaf, the baking moulds can of course also be used for other food products: the baking moulds are ideally suited for cakes, bread, fish fillets or other food products containing fat. The corrugated cardboard can be heated to 220°C. Greasing of the baking moulds for meat loaf is also no longer necessary.

Inform yourself about our baking moulds for meat loaf in the press release or at the related product page. We are also happy to advise you personally. Talk to us!

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