Head of Sales Operations at THIMM

Complex projects have always challenged her: As Head of Sales Operations Maike Kons (born in 1988) is rethinking processes with her team from the ground up and is implementing these in the company. Further development, trust and responsibility have been the hallmarks of her career to date at THIMM.

Maike, how did you start working at THIMM and how have things progressed since?“
I completed my Abitur school leaving exams in 2007 and then until 2010 followed a Dual Study Course for a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at THIMM. My dual study involved training to become an industrial clerk, 3.5 days a week working in the company and parallel study at the VWA/BA Göttingen (Academy of Administration and Economics/Vocational Academy of Göttingen) for 1.5 days and two evenings a week. I then worked in internal sales supporting some of THIMM’s key accounts. However, because I still wanted to undergo further training and with practical experience also being very important to me, I decided to take a distance learning course (Master of Arts, Business Administration). These combined well with each other and enabled me to progress further. I completed my studies in just 4 semesters instead of the planned 6 semesters. After my master's degree I took over the management of the internal sales team for our production plant in Eberswalde and also account management. It made me proud that no hierarchies or similar stood in my way despite my still very young age (25), but that my skills and capabilities were trusted and I was given the freedom to assume my own responsibility.

After a few months of parental leave in 2017 I started working again as a team leader and am now head of sales operations. Since then I have been working full-time and am able to achieve a wonderful work/life balance. Our flexible working hours, the possibility of home-working and the company's acceptance that children are simply part of life support this tremendously.

My current department is occupied with our ordering process which involves viewing it in a new way, designing it to be efficient and customer-oriented and creating and coordinating cross-functional teams to deliver this. The next step of course will be to consider how we can constantly improve and adapt quickly enough to the ever new and different requirements of our customers and the market."

What do you appreciate in THIMM as an employer?

“THIMM gives you opportunities. This means that you can really develop your skills in this company if you want to. As an employee you also feel that THIMM is a family business which operates sustainably and with a view to the future. This also provides certainty to your own life planning. This sense of family is also embodied in the corporate culture that encompasses constructive collaboration, the fact that everybody is on first name basis through to company events such as the summer party.”

What is special about your work for THIMM?
“I have always found it appealing to work on complex and individual projects and to assume responsibility. I can really achieve that here and together with my team I can completely rethink processes and not only do things differently, but also better. This courageous approach has already proven its worth many times over.

THIMM is an innovative company with a lot going on and where changes and new opportunities are always arising. The blend of a family business and an internationally operating solutions provider make it very attractive to work here.”