Consultant at THIMM

Stefanie Martin, Consultant at THIMM, talks about her career start at THIMM and her previous training opportunities:

"After completing my studies in packaging technology with an M.Eng. in spring 2016, I looked around Germany for an interesting and varied position.

I started my career as a packaging consultant at THIMM with a well-organized six-week familiarization phase. During this time I got to know many areas and their work processes within the THIMM Group. At the same time I was introduced to my later tasks. This is a mix of customer projects and projects within the THIMM Group as well as developments with state-of-the-art CAD software.

Since then I have been able to apply and deepen my theoretical knowledge from my studies and learn more about it again and again. Furthermore, my work offers new impulses due to the variety of projects. Further skills such as project management or the application and deepening of a foreign language are firmly integrated into everyday life. With THIMM as a fair and training oriented employer, I can actively contribute to the development of solutions and constantly expand my knowledge."