• Kick-off for the World Cup betting pool: Football experts sought!
    Bet on the results of the World Cup of Football and win great prizes of corrugated cardboard.
  • Three POPAI Awards for THIMM Group
    Floor display, counter display and a sound amplifier made from cardboard are winners at the POPAI D-A-CH Award 2018
  • Buy cartons online
    Standard Fefco 0201 folding cartons in small and large quantities
  • Exclusive THIMM Event
    "Insiders package emotions into smart solutions"
  • Curtain up for the winners!
    THIMM won seven awards at Obal roku 2018.
  • THIMM is the Employer of the Region of Central Bohemia!
    In the category of up to 500 employees THIMM has won the 1st place.
  • CARTONARA is the THIMM Group’s first e-commerce start-up for cardboard boxes
    The German online shop www.kartonara.de opened in March and has laid the foundation for its digital business models. Online customers can purchase standardised corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging accessories from the shop.
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THIMM is a leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of goods. Its solutions portfolio includes corrugated cardboard transportation and sales packaging, high-quality promotional displays, packaging systems combining a range of materials as well as packaging-related services.

Through our comprehensive solutions we help our customers to differentiate and individualise themselves in the market. To achieve this we invest consistently in developing our market presence for more customer proximity and in innovative technologies so that we can meet future market requirements today – and we have been doing this worldwide for more than 65 years at 19 locations.

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Our extensive product portfolio includes numerous packaging solutions. We contribute to the success of our customers with our innovative products.

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