THIMM Obaly in Všetaty

A 30-year success story

A look back at the Všetaty plant. While the corrugator successfully started up in 1996 with around 6.6 million square metres of corrugated cardboard produced, work was simultaneously underway to attune the cultures to one another and to build an independent Czech management team. Klaus Thimm was certain: “This created the conditions necessary for us to set up and further develop a large packaging company in the Czech Republic and beyond.”

THIMM plant Všetaty

And he was right. The plant has been continuously expanded and today around 380 employees work at the site, producing over 200 million square metres of corrugated cardboard every year. The plant, which is now over 36,000 square metres in size, is home to state-of-the-art machines, such as the digital laser die cutter from Highcon, which is used to cut out even the most intricate patterns for finishing the packaging. The plant has won multiple awards in the past for its individual packaging solutions, such as the Czech packaging award Obal roku.

In 2024, the site will be celebrating its 30th anniversary – as part of a joint tree planting campaign, employees and their families had a great THIMM time with games made from corrugated cardboard, delicious food and 500 trees planted!

THIMM Všetaty corrugator 2011
THIMM Všetaty corrugator 2020
Corrugated cardboard gift packaging with cut-out patterns
THIMM Všetaty tree planting campaign: group photo of employees

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