Strategy & vision


People are animating Highpack. THIMM owes its values, such as innovation, flexibility, safety & security and growth, to those people. These values are a promise to our customers and partners. By keeping this promise, we become what we are: An independent family business which turns the motivation and creative power of its employees into solutions that comply with our claim to Leadership.

Our company principles


"Highpack means the identification with innovative packaging solutions on the basis of high developed production, construction and information technologies."

This dynamic process demands integrated competence and solid achievement, which are task specifically combined: To realize functional solutions with regard to adequate costs; to pave the way for efficient logistics; to present and to protect products optimally; and to assure a constant and measurable Quality.


"People are the soul of our enterprise. Each THIMM employee is a responsible individual with enthusiasm for innovation. Everybody is a part of a big and creative family."

This is the basis for openness, public-spirit and the subtle contact with materials, technique and thought- out concepts; but also for our ambition, our professional understanding for customer- needs and individual solutions. We are passionate Highpackers.



"Ingenuity is the basis for building up something new and better. This includes the ability to learn - an understanding of the ideas and needs of our customers that is developed constantly."


"Flexibility arises from independence and the ability to adapt to changing needs intelligently. Through this we can act fast. Our customers finally expect individual problem solutions at the right time."


"Safety is based on certainties. This means measurable, constant material and processing quality for our customers just-in-time with clear price/performance conditions and obvious industry-specific competence. The goal is to achieve confidence through reliability for fertile partnerships."


"Growth is a process which has to be formed comprehensively - which starts with education quality and goes up to the development of new markets. As a leading company we have to grow with the market and improve the location networking as well as the product- and service spectrum for our customers."