Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Throughout the world thoughts are turning to a future of sustainability and corporate responsibility. As a family business, we fully assume our corporate responsibility. We call this THIMM Social Responsibility (TSR). Our TSR Strategy covers four major fields of action: Market, Environment & Processes, Employees and Community. We assume responsibility as defined by our TSR strategy by:

  • Offering innovative, environmentally friendly products and services that conserve resources and are economical in the long term (field of action: Market).
  • Environmentally conscious framing of business processes and sustainable orientation of our supply chain (field of action: Environment & Processes).
  • Being an attractive employer (field of action: Employees).
  • Being an active member of the community (field of action: Society).

To achieve this, we base our actions on a sense of partnership, transparency and fairness, and we strive for an intensive dialogue with our stakeholders.

Stakeholder dialogue and materiality matrix

We put a strong emphasis on a regular dialogue with our stakeholders. Therefore, we regularly exchange information and expertise with our customers, suppliers, employees, investors or also with representatives from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), science/research or the media.
The results from this form the basis for our materiality matrix and flow into the further development of our TSR strategy. 


We warmly invite you to join us on this exciting journey leading to an intensive dialogue with us: Learn more about the four fields of action, have a look at our Sustainability Report or find out about the principles of the responsibility-minded interactions at THIMM.

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