Fields of action


Sustainable management means to assume responsibility for economy, ecology and society. We have translated these three pillars of sustainability into the four fields of action of Market, Environment & Processes, Employees and Community. A sense of partnership, transparency, fairness and an intensive dialogue with our stakeholders are the cornerstones of our approach. In our individual fields of action we have defined the following objectives:

Field of action Market

  • to work together with clients and suppliers as partners
  • legal compliance in economic management
  • to promote innovative and sustainable product solutions.
  • to grow dynamically and generate profits for the long term commercial success of the company
  • to identify relevant opportunities and risks and manage them
  • to ensure maximum quality requirements and product safety

Field of action Environment & Processes

  • to use environmentally friendly materials
  • to make efficient use of resources (energy, water, raw materials, consumables and supplies)
  • to design environmentally friendly logistics processes
  • to avoid, reduce or reuse emissions and waste
  • to integrate environmental and social standards into procurement policies
  • to drive forward the introduction of sensible management systems

Field of action Employees

  • to embody the leadership values of appreciation, a willingness to develop and performance orientation
  • to design a healthy environment to minimise safety risks
  • to implement and further develop customised continuing and vocational training plans
  • to promote diversity and equality of opportunity
  • to promote a healthy life balance
  • to offer challenging tasks and to support employee identification with the company

Field of action Community

  • to promote our transparent involvement in donation and sponsorship activities based on uniform principles
  • to cooperate consistently with regional interest groups and with transregional organisations and associations
  • to support volunteer activities by our employees within the scope of our operational capabilities
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