THIMM Packaging Systems

The development of a complex packaging design taking any specific quality and process requirements into account and to implement this with a focus on targeted costs, needs and scheduled delivery dates defines our understanding of an integrated packaging solution. This is why we consider ourselves to be your partner for your demanding packaging challenges. We develop complete packaging and logistics solutions which offer the best possible protection for your product and at the same time also make your internal processes run more efficiently. Our competencies for your added value!

"The opportunities for long-term success include observing your own tradition in a differentiated manner, proudly living and exemplifying your own values and discovering new findings for necessary change processes from experiences. For nothing is as fleeting as past successes."

Jürgen Düvel
Managing Director, THIMM Packaging Systems

Your choice of materials.

We plan, procure and process precisely those materials you require – from corrugated cardboard through wood, moulded pulp and plastic. Combined with foam cushioning solutions, ESD packaging and corrosion protection solutions, we are able to assemble the best possible mix of materials for your products. We are continuously working on new material solutions and combinations with new partners.

Industry-specific development expertise

We work out an optimum packaging design and system for the protection and transportation of your products based on our packaging expertise and experience which ranges from our development service through to our continuous packaging optimisation. Whether you are packaging sensitive components and electronics, heavy castings or simple plastic parts, we can offer you a solution totally customised to your requirements!
Our experienced product developers collaborate closely with you to plan your packaging system “virtually” taking all packaging-relevant influencing factors and sizes into account. This then enables us from the outset to quickly develop a solution that is aligned to the entire value creation chain.

Packaging and logistics from a single source.

Your product is subject to the highest demands on the way to its destination. We develop complete packaging and logistics solutions for you that optimally protect your product and efficiently design processes over the entire distribution route. We assume responsibility for special sales and packaging services, incl. packing services, procurement management, as well as picking and delivery of all relevant components to you or your customers.

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