THIMM Packaging Systems

THIMM Packaging Systems is a specialist in packaging systems for the industrial goods sector. Through our careful consideration of specific qualityand process requirements we create material-independent- comprehensive packaging systems for your products which are in line with your target costs, requirements and timescales.

THIMM Packaging Systems develops efficient, customised packaging systems throughout the entire supply using multiple materials according to the philosophy of “The best packaging solution for your products”. With professional and well-qualified expert knowledge we offer our customers additional competencies associated with packaging and the transportation of goods. Attuned to your logistics chain, your goods transportation and your specific product features, we work closely with you from the idea to the implementation of a comprehensive packaging system.From universal corrugated cardboard-packaging and resources-saving reusable packaging made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) through efficient multi-material solutions in combination with padding made from PU-, PE- and PP- foams to high-grade system packaging: We offer added-value for your packaging!

“It is important to embrace change with open arms, yet still remain true to one’s own values. In our dynamic era opportunities for long-term success can be found in an enthusiasm for new things, putting our (own) values into practice-and deriving new findings for necessary change processes. Nothing is more powerful than an idea at the right time.”

Jürgen Düvel
Management Board, THIMM Packaging Systems

The worldwide transportation and shipping of a wide range of industrial goods and products is made possible through the use of packaging. THIMM Packaging Systems specialises in the production of load-bearing packaging systems for many different industry sectors.

Packaging in the automotive industry requires the very highest of standards - from small and diverse individual parts through to heavy, innovative large parts and huge engines. We can offer you industrial packaging for all automotive-sectors and will be pleased to advise you in the development of packaging systems for your products. Our packaging range also includes standardised industrial packaging such as large-and small load carriers made from corrugated cardboard and EPP.

Alongside product protection, compliance with packaging requirements stipulated in specific sectors is essential. In the hazardous goods sector, in particular, considerable packaging knowledge and expertise is essential. Also in the electronics sector, specific requirements such as the use of antistatic foams or conductive corrugated cardboard must be complied with. With our THIMM Conductive® we design ESD-packaging from corrugated cardboard and we can equip this, as required, with further ESD-materials such as foams or films. We can also use our own moulded foam machines to produce conductive load carriers and other packaging systems from EPP.

The medicine & pharmaceutical sectors also require the selective use of appropriate packaging materials for your high-grade products. In order to ensure the optimum product protection, we test the packaging systems we develop in either our own, or an external testing laboratory. In particular for sensitive microscopes, delicate measuring instruments or sensitive devices, we select with precision the appropriate packaging materials for your packaging systems. We are also happy to calculate padding solutions and to produce our medical packaging systems under clean room conditions.

Many different packaging materials

We plan, produce, procure and process precisely those materials that are required for your packaging systems – from corrugated cardboard, wood, moulded pulp and injection-moulded paper, through EPP and various foams. We work together with you to analyse your packaging requirements and select the appropriate packaging materials for your product requirements. As well as our corrugated cardboard packaging which is primarily used for non-returnable packaging, we also produce robust reusable packaging systems made from EPP. We also make use of our in-depth knowledge to select our packaging materials and we work together with you as your partner to meet those big challenges.

We are your partner


In the development and implementation of packaging systems we not only consider the specified product requirements, but also the logistics processes and the value streams they pass through. In relation to the implementation of a packaging system, it is also important for us to know the logistical pre-requisites and possibilities, on how in conjunction with the packaging system and your logistics, process mapping can be improved. How can we support your value chain, the transportation of your goods and your logistics through the packaging system we have developed?

With pre-assembled packaging we can save you a lot of time. Our packaging experts assemble the produced packaging systems in the THIMM-sites so that when the packaging arrives you can fill and use it immediately. If you don’t have enough space to package your goods we can also take on this task for you. With customised packaging services we can save you valuable time by taking care of your packaging from its production to its filling. Tell us about your packaging challenges and let's find a packaging system together with an appropriate logistics solution for your use!