THIMM Display

Our sophisticated display and decoration solutions for the product-carrying or advertising sector are tailored to your individual requirements. As an experienced partner, we support you in this with a professional, all-round service – beginning with the conception and design development right up to production and finally the timely shipment.

Expertise at the Point of sale

As one of the leading manufacturers of sales-promoting displays, we know the demands of the market and know what's required: success at the point of sale. We implement these expertise for you – with all-round support, which includes our exceptional creativity, tailored constructions, standard solutions as well as extended service and sales in Germany and Europe. Displays transport your brand message to the point of sale, arouse interest and are therefore committed sellers that trigger spontaneous purchase decisions in your favour.

Be it individual or modular displays, decorations or shop window elements – the decisive factors for success are always a straightforward setup, safety, stability and a high level of quality and value until the end of the sales campaign.

Think innovatively. Solve responsibly. Implement safely.

See, smell, hear, feel – thanks to the use of sound, light and scent effects we make your market appearance even more attractive and give the customer a sensual experience. Interactive elements, such as the use of QR codes, also connect reality with the digital world and ensure additional impulsive purchases.

Alongside the selection of a variety of finishing options we can also increase the brand effect with the combination of various materials. All according to your wishes, ideas and requirements. Plus, you can rely on our expertise in print preparation, on perfect colour management in offset, flexo and digital printing as well as on timely delivery in packaging optimised for shipping.

Our quality standard

You expect high product quality – and we are up to this challenge.

Our established quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) documents, checks, secures and continuously optimises the internal processes and secure the quality of our products.
Plus, we have been officially FSC® certified since 13 April 2012. This certifies that the company meets the high FSC® requirements, in terms of sustainable forestry management, for the whole process from development via graphical design right up to manufacturing the display and packaging solutions from corrugated cardboard and cardboard in digital, offset and flexographic printing.

"The display market is undergoing changes, many of which are very exciting and attractive to us. Customers are considering buying displays on a European level instead of a national one. Whether these are to be standardised or more individually designed, perhaps even both. Whether they even want to organise display procurement themselves any more. It is precisely in these areas that we have expertise and are able to offer a meaningful added value. All we have to do is talk about it to come to good solutions together."

Daniel Scheepstra
Managing Director, THIMM Display

Growing service spectrum

Our experts advise and support you in the planning and implementation of effective staging and presentations. Plus, we are able to fall back on the wide-ranging expertise of the entire THIMM Group at any time. Therefore, you also benefit from our extensive experience in the production process and the special flexibility and rapidity, particularly in the case of change requests at short notice.

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