The CARTONARA® Online Shop sells standardised packaging and added-value accessories for both commercial and private customers. These include cardboard boxes, folding bottom boxes and shipping packaging, cushioning, filler and removal materials as well as packaging and removal accessories. The CARTONARA® brand is expanding the product range offered by THIMM Group through an e-commerce platform.

Online Shop for cardboard boxes

Purchase cardboard boxes online 24/7. The product range available from the CARTONARA® Online Shop includes five categories of standardised packaging and packaging accessories 

  • Cardboard boxes & folding bottom boxes from 150 to 600 mm in length
  • Adhesive tapes & sealing materials for packing areas
  • Cushioning and filler materials for protected transportation
  • Mail order packaging for postal shipments
  • Removal materials such as removal boxes and removal accessories

Over the next few months the CARTONARA® Online Shop product range will be progressively expanded. In addition to small load carriers, innovative cardboard box solutions for e-commerce purposes from the entire THIMM Group will be available.
Orders will be delivered directly from our warehouse which means that as a rule they arrive the following day. The CARTONARA® Online Shop accepts all common payment methods.


CARTONARA GmbH + Co. KG is a 100% integrated company of THIMM Group GmbH + Co. KG which also owns the brand CARTONARA®. With CARTONARA® the THIMM family business has laid the foundation for its digital business models in the packaging sector.

"Through CARTONARA we are supporting the e-commerce positioning of the THIMM Group. We have created a new distribution channel to offer a solutions platform specifically for smaller B2B companies. Through the CARTONARA® Online Shop the product range of the THIMM Group is also expanding to include packaging and removal accessories,” explains Michael Weber, Managing Director at CARTONARA GmbH + Co. KG.

Assortment in the CARTONARA® Online shop

Cardboard boxes and folding bottom boxes

The CARTONARA® Online Shop stocks a wide range of cardboard boxes and folding bottom boxes made from brown or white corrugated cardboard. The cardboard boxes, both small and large, in different designs and verified qualities, are ideally suited for shipping B2B and B2C products such as folders, screws, bottles, food, T-shirts and much more. As eBay PowerSellers and Marketplace providers, dealers and resellers can now purchase a small quantity of boxes from the CARTONARA® Online Shop without VAT direct from the manufacturer.
Private customers can also purchase the cardboard boxes for shipping gifts such as bottles of wine, glasses, books and much more. The inexpensive cardboard boxes are extremely easy to fold and assemble.

Adhesive tapes & sealing materials

Packing tape, hand dispensers and stretch film in the CARTONARA® Online Shop supplement the range of packaging accessories. We recommend you use packing tape to seal the cardboard boxes before transportation. The CARTONARA® Online Shop stocks budget rolls of transparent and brown PVC and PP adhesive tape. You can also purchase suitable adhesive tape hand dispensers from the CARTONARA® Online Shop.
Buy inexpensive different strengths of stretch film: The strength signifies the maximum capacity the stretch film can withstand. Stretch film from the CARTONARA® Online Shop protects your goods securely and wraps them tightly to protect them from dust, splash water and theft.

Cushioning & filler materials

The CARTONARA® Online Shop sells bubble wrap and air cushions, packaging chips, packaging covers and packaging tissue paper. Bubble wrap and air cushions are made from polyethylene and protect your products during transportation. You can purchase different widths of bubble wrap from our CARTONARA® Online Shop. The different air cushion designs ensure there are no gaps in your product transportation packaging.
Recyclable and antistatic EPS packaging chips and packaging chips made from corn starch can also be purchased from the CARTONARA® Online Shop. The environmentally-friendly EPS variants do not create any dust and are suitable for processing on automatic machines. The reusable packaging chips are effective in filling out cavities giving them good cushioning properties.
Packaging covers are generally used as intermediate layers during removals and transportation. They protect high-quality surfaces and secure the cardboard boxes in place during transportation in the lorry.
Packaging tissue paper from the CARTONARA® Online Shop is ideally suited for packing breakable products and securing them against slipping.

Mail order packaging

Purchase your inexpensive mail order packaging from the CARTONARA® Online Shop. For the shipment of your packages, small parcels, consignments and letters, the CARTONARA® Online Shop can provide you with a range of shipping boxes for every purpose. Our cardboard boxes are ideally suited for the transportation and storage of a very wide range of products. You can purchase brown and white cardboard shipping boxes in many different sizes online at CARTONARA®.
Typical shipping packages also include maxi-letter shipping boxes to optimise posting or brown and white padded envelopes.